Nordgreen Unisex Watch Review

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I’ve always been a stickler for timekeeping. I got this off my dad. I have to arrive 10 minutes early for every appointment, going to work, every aspect of my life really. Now my older sister, well, she is lacking timekeeping skills! I can vividly remember getting ready for school, dad and I were always in the car waiting for my sister. I would be panicking thinking I was gonna be late and she was being her usual self!

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Wearing a watch is important for timekeeping, and my husband is similar to myself in that he likes to be on time. He is an avid watch wearer and watch enthusiast. Through my blog over the past few years we have been delighted to have the chance to review some stunning watches, and today I’m reviewing this simple yet stylish watch from Nordgreen. It’s a unisex Scandinavian silver analogue watch.

Nordgreen Unisex Watch Review

Product Description

The silver Native, Nordgreen watch original model, represents balance, a central component in the life of a Copenhagener to achieve a high level of happiness. Jakob Wagner has developed the Native with balance at the forefront of its architecture, bringing back the classic look and redefining it for the modern being.

Features of the Nordgreen Watch

  • A minimalist Scandinavian designer watch designed by Jakob Wagner
  • 40mm watch with a Japanese quartz movement
  • Interchangeable genuine Italian brown leather strap with a silver buckle
  • Scratch resistant mineral glass in a rounded stainless steel silver case

What We Thought

The Nordgreen watch is simply stunning. Stylish yet minimal without all the extras that if I’m being honest are not needed on a watch. You can tell the watch has been carefully and lovingly made. To change up your look, you can get other straps that are easily changed.

Nordgreen Unisex Watch Review

I love the history surrounding Nordgreen and how they come about. Their ideas around how the watch is designed to complement nature. How each watch is handmade and crafted with care, and the sustainable values that are practiced.

For each watch bought, they empower customers to give back to the global community by donating a proportion of every sale to one of three sustainable causes:

  • Cool Earth: one watch sold will mean that you help preserve 200sqft of rainforest in Latin America.
  • Water for Good: one watch sold will mean that you supply 2 months of clean water to a person in central Africa
  • Pratham UK: one watch sold will mean that you supply 1 month of free education to a child in India.

Where to buy

You can buy the watch directly from Nordgreen

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  1. Isn’t it funny how 2 kids can be totally different with regards to timekeeping? My son was and still is dreadful, and is always running late, whereas my daughter from an early age was always punctual and very organised. Yet I’m not aware of having done anything different in their respective upbringings that would give this result.

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