An Essential Baby Product List and Gift Ideas For Parents

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It’s so exciting when another baby is coming into the family. But there are so many baby products on the market. It can become overwhelming sorting through the endless lists of what you need. So I’ve compiled an essential baby product ideas list. I realise everyone has different ideas on what baby essentials are, so some of these may not be on your baby list. You can always let me know in the comments at the bottom of your baby essentials and what you recommend.

Essential Baby Product List and Gift Ideas For Parents

This quick baby shopping list is handy for new mums. I haven’t included a detailed baby clothes and accessories list as that is up to a mums preference. With my first I had stacks of vests and sleep suits, but she grew out of them before she wore them! I guess a general idea is 6 vests and 6 sleep suits with a snowsuit all in one thing, cardigan, hat and scratch mittens.

  • Moses basket or bedside crib – including mattress, blankets, and sheets.
  • Baby carrier
  • Baby car seat and pram/travel system
  • Baby bath
  • Changing bag and changing mat
  • Breast pump or Haakaa silicone pump
  • Bottles and teats if not breastfeeding
  • Steriliser
  • Thermometer

Teething Toy

It’s always handy to have a baby teething toy on hand. I’m in love with Mizzie the Kangaroo. Isn’t it so cute! Mizzie comes with a choice of two baby books. We got Mizzie Likes to Help Bella-Boo at the Beach. Mizzie is a bright coloured teething toy made from 100% natural Australian rubber and is designed to help babies learn through play by stimulating the senses, developing fine motor skills, teaching cause and effect.

You can buy Mizzie Baby Board Book Gift Set with Mizzie Teething Toy here and Mizzie over at Amazon.

Mizzie Baby Board Book Gift Set with Mizzie Teething Toy

Sleeping Aid

This Light & Sound Penguin Sleep Aid from Nuby looks fantastic to have in helping the baby get to sleep. Then you may get a chance to have a nap yourself!

Light & Sound Penguin Sleep Aid

The penguin includes many features:

  • Sleep aid with lullaby, heartbeat, white noise and soft light to help soothe your baby to sleep
  • Super soft, cute, unisex penguin character designed to comfort and calm babies
  • Sits on a bedside table in the nursery and also has a secure Velcro fastening that can easily attach to a pushchair or car seat when you’re on the go
  • Easy to use by simply clicking the penguin’s flippers and feet, with 4 soothing sounds, 3 adjustable volume levels and adjustable light brightness
  • All sounds have an auto shut off after 15 minutes.

You can buy this Penguin Sleep Aid direct from Nuby or through Amazon.

Sleep Pod

A baby sleep mini pod from Mokee would make an excellent baby essential product. Suitable for nap times, baby changing, and travel. You can use it for baby to sleep in next to you in bed, and in the cot when transitioning baby from your bed. I wish I had one when my two were babies, it’s perfect for moving from room to room with you. It comes in a stylish grey and made from cotton, filled with hypoallergenic silicone balls.

Available to buy direct from Mokee.

Essential Baby Product - baby sleep mini pod from Mokee


Baby’s dribble and spit up so I always found it easier to pop on a comfy bib to save the constant clothes changing. This super-soft newborn bib from Bibetta is perfect. It absorbs dribble and wetness and is quick-drying to protect the baby’s skin.

There is a waterproof middle layer bonded inside between the two, soft plush layers to keep baby’s skin and clothes dry.

With its cute bear design on the front, it would make an adorable baby shower gift. Available to buy direct from Bibetta and over at Amazon.

Super Soft Newborn bib from Bibetta

Sudocrem Care and Protect 

My mum swears by Sudocrem products. Growing up she used them as a nappy cream with her white terry cloth nappies on all of us. Then when we got older it was used for cuts, grazes and minor burns when we accidentally touched the Rayburn! I used the Sudocrem grey classic pot as a nappy cream for my girls and I’ve used the Sudocrem Care and Protect as well. I’m a huge fan of its versatility. It’s always in my changing bag! You can buy Sudocrem products in most supermarkets and chemists.

My Little Sudocrem and Sudocrem Care and Protect

Baby Comforter

Babies love comfort, and a baby comforter like this character from The Dou-Doods is just perfect. We got the grey comforter with the blue star, there are more styles available. Each baby comforter is given their own name and born on date making them unique isn’t that fantastic!

The Dou-Doods Baby Comforter - grey and blue star

They are all lovingly hand-cut and sewn so they may have small irregularities. Each measures roughly 19 x 13 inches in size and is bunny-shaped. Made from super soft plush on the front with felt facial details and 100% GOTS organic cotton jersey on the reverse.

All designed with big ears for little hands to hold on to and a ribbon on the side for tiny fingers to explore. This ribbon also doubles as a loop for easy attachment to a ‘dummy clip’ so they don’t get lost.

There are matching sibling masks and eye patches available. You can buy your baby a Doods over on the Dou-Doods website.


This week is weaning week. The weaning stage comes faster than you think. Trust me! You can get prepared by having this Itsy Blitz portable blender to hand. It can travel with you anywhere and used everywhere. It’s the world’s first handheld & rechargeable baby food blender. I love this, it would have been ideal to have back when the girls were at the weaning stage. I hated batch cooking! The Itsy Blitz means you only have to cook for the whole family. Separate what you are eating and blitz away for baby!

It comes with a handy travel adapter, carry case and charging dock included as standard. Available to buy from the Itsy website or through Amazon.

Itsy Blitz portable blender

When you are weaning food gets everywhere! This is where the Wipeezee wipe-clean weaning bib comes in. It will help you to relax as the food is contained somewhat! All the bibs have a flip-out pocket to catch dropped food, are made out of Bibetta’s exclusive Wipeezee material which is 100% waterproof, 100% wipe-clean, and 100% machine washable!

This Wipeezee bib and more designs are available to buy over on the Bibetta website and from Amazon.

Wipeezee Bib with Sleeves

Lastly, I just wanted to let you know about the Biamother app. It’s a holistic wellness platform for new and expectant mothers. Biamother will be supporting women throughout the 12-week isolation period by offering free access to their standard service (normally £16.99 a month) for three months (1st April – 30th June 2020). A great resource to try out during these unprecedented times.

I hope this essential baby product list and baby gift ideas post has given you some ideas for your new arrival. If you have anything to add to the list, please let me know in the comments below.

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