Over the Borderline by Leanna Floyd – Book Review

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Staying at home and working at home means I have been grabbing quite a bit of time here and there for reading. It’s been over 4 years (since L was born) that I’ve had any decent amount of time to read. And I love it! Reading is my relaxing “me time” You can catch my last book review here if you are intrigued as to the kind of books I’ve been reading. But for today, I’ve just finished Over The Borderline by Leanna Floyd. If I’m being honest the cover isn’t brilliant – but what drew me to the book was the blurb!

Over The Borderline - by Leanna Floyd

Book Description

Brooke Douger has a knack for helping others with their broken lives, which explains her interest in criminal psychology and profiling. She convinces her childhood friend, Jacob, to move to Tampa after his latest fiasco, where he finds a job at a legal firm, which is defending Zach Barton, a rich, young entrepreneur who is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend.

When Brooke has to provide expert testimony in Barton’s trial, Jacob and Brooke end up on opposite sides of the courtroom. As Brooke prepares to testify, she discovers a pattern of violent, impulsive behavior in Barton’s past, eerily similar to those of the Surfside Killer, the case she has been asked to help profile for the FBI. Brooke is swirling in dangerous waters with the killer lurking on the fringe of her life.

Who will be his next victim? Will Brooke’s knack for profiling be enough to keep her safe?

What I Thought

Over The Borderline will keep you guessing and guessing and then when you think you know, another suspenseful twist. You know they say when a book is unputdownable – Over The Borderline is just that. The author Leanna Floyd is a smart writer. She will keep the reader hooked, and wanting more.

The author has used her fantastic experience in psychology to get you into the minds of the characters Brooke and Jacob. These are wonderfully thought out developed characters, that will make you feel like you know them on some level. I really liked the plot of the book, it’s well researched.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed reading Over The Borderline so deserves 5 stars from me. Thanks to Austin Macauley for the great find!

About the Author

Leanna Floyd has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has worked firsthand with murderers, psychopaths, narcissists, and borderlines while working in a Florida prison. In this setting, she explored the minds of notorious killers and obtained an insider’s view of their secrets as they recounted their darkest hours. Leanna lives in the Sunshine State, Florida, with her husband, a retired major league baseball player; and their two young boys.

Available From

You can buy Over The Borderline direct from Austin Macauley or over at Amazon

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  1. I love twists in a story. It makes you keep guessing and changing your mind on things! I like the look of this book, thanks for the review.

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