Which baby wipes are best for a newborn?

Before I had baby girl I felt really overwhelmed over lots of little things like what nappies or baby wipes should I buy and use on a newborn. Standing in the baby aisle at the supermarket was mind-boggling. There are lots of different brands of baby wipes and then there are the different kinds as well – scented or unscented? I really wanted to buy the correct baby wipes so as not to affect baby girl’s delicate skin. I also had been reading about just using cotton wool and water, so as a first time mum there is lots of different options out there, it’s just finding the right one for you.
                        packets of baby wipes

We were given lots of different packs of baby wipes in all the baby hampers we recieved from family, friends and work colleagues. To start with we bought Pampers newborn sensitive wipes at the baby fair in our local Asda. It was a huge box of 12 for £9. They were very soft and gentle for baby girl’s newborn skin. The only fault I found with them was that they seemed dry. It was hard going getting the meconium of her skin with them! We have since stopped using them. The single packs of these wipes cost £1.50 and so expensive with how many wipes we go through now 5 weeks down the line. The box of 12 seemed to be have discontinued after the baby fair finished in our local Asda.
We have now moved on to Asda’s Little Angel’s Unscented baby wipes. They are a bargain at £6 for  box of 12. They are very soft and with plenty of moisture. These are the wipes we are going to keep with due to their extremely good price so affordable and also the gentleness to the skin. We love the open and closing lid, very easy to use one-handed.
Our Verdict: 5/5
The Huggies wipes were pretty good, we loved the limited edition packaging but they were not as good as the Asda wipes.
Our Verdict 3/5
The Pampers sensitive wipes are different to the newborn ones. They are soft but I found they were a bit dry. Loved the open and closing lid, but they are pretty expensive at £1.50 a packet if not on offer for a single pack. Mulitbuy packs are more cost effective.
Our Verdict 3/5


The Johnson’s gentle cleansing wipes were very good. Soft, gentle and contained lots of moisture so didn’t have to use 2x as many wipes per nappy change.
Our Verdict 4/5
After trying out lots of different brands of wipes we found that the Asda Little Angel ones were the best quality for our baby girl and very economical so perfect if you are on a budget.
Please be careful if you have a baby with very sensitive skin as changing to lots of different wipes could cause irritation.
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