Tips To Help Parents Find a Lawyer For Their Child

It can be a confusing and upsetting time when a child, or a young adult is arrested. As a parent you’ll have questions, many of them. Could I have prevented it? Am I not setting a good example? How did this happen? Most families are willing to go above and beyond for their children, for the sake that a situation like this can blow over quickly. Unless a parent or a member of the family has experience in law, parents and other legal guardians cannot legally defend their children in a courtroom. 

Tips To Help Parents Find a Lawyer For Their Child

For younger children and teens, parents may be able to get in touch with Los Angeles criminal defense attorneys for more information. Typically, depending on the jurisdiction, your adult sons or daughters over the age of 21 may qualify for a free public defender. And while that could be an option, the best recommendation for a parent to support their child facing possible criminal charges in court is to support them every step of the way – let them know you are there for them if they want you, even if it’s just for a chat. They are likely to be scared and in need of comfort. 

Below you’ll find some helpful tips on how to seek out an attorney for your children.

Keep a lookout for someone with Local Criminal Law experience

Law is a complicated process to wrap one’s head around and what most individuals won’t know is that criminal law can be very specific to a particular area, as well as to a type of jurisdiction. It’s important when seeking an attorney that you zoom into their experience in the specific jurisdiction and area of criminal law. This will give your child a better chance of a positive outcome in court.

Knowledge of Juvenile Justice Experience

Hiring an experienced lawyer with the particular and specific knowledge in criminal law and jurisdiction is important. In addition, if your child is under the age of 21, the attorney you seek interest in should have exceptional experience in juvenile justice. Compared to adult children, courts most of the time will be more lenient when it comes to minors. A criminal defense lawyer that is aware of juvenile justice processes will be prepared and organised – leading to a better result for your child.

Get to know who you are hiring

Sometimes when you are hiring a generic law firm to provide support for your case, or even solo-working attorneys, it is important to get a clear picture as to who is right-handedly covering the case. In some cases, law firms will arrange meetings between senior attorneys and new (and potential) clients, however, these cases can often get handled by junior associates who are less trained. Building a trusting and open relationship with your attorney is crucial in having a successful result.

In addition, while courts have the power to provide a punishment for your child, this should not be the only parenting done. Punishments in court can have a negative legal consequence on your child’s future, unlike grounding them temporarily. Whatever the crime, your child’s safety and future are worth legally protecting – life is full of unexpected turns.

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