Things To Know Before Planning Your Little One’s First Birthday Party

One of the most exciting milestones for a new parent is their child’s first birthday. Fortunately, your child is not old enough to make demands for their own party yet. Conversely, planning the event by yourself can bring anxiety and stress. 

Remember that you are not alone and many parents before you are ready to share tips and advice for throwing an enjoyable first birthday party for a baby. To get you started with some interesting party ideas and tips, we have assembled an essential list for new parents here.


Let’s look at some first birthday ideas to plan a fun and memorable party for your little one’s first-ever birthday celebration.

Set A Guest List

While you might be ready to invite the whole neighbourhood over to celebrate your infant’s first birthday, this is likely to lead to overstimulation for your child and extra stress for you. For the first party, try keeping your guest list down to close friends and family members only. 

Make It Appropriate For All Ages

Although your baby is the star of the show, make sure that your party is interesting for everyone who attends. It is likely that your guest list will include other families and friends who have young children, so make sure to keep them in mind when planning the event.

Some things to consider in this regard include menu preparation and activity planning. For the former, make sure to have some finger foods made up ahead of time for everyone to snack on. Vegetable and fruit plates are easy to make and can keep guests of all ages satisfied for a while. It is a birthday, after all, so make sure to have a well-decorated birthday cake as well.

Plan Interesting Activities

Having something for people to do when they are at your little one’s party is important to keep the atmosphere upbeat. From blowing bubbles to musical chairs to pulling out some of your baby’s favourite toys, there are several things you can do to keep both the children and adults entertained on the big day.

For adults, you can even try making some birthday-themed cocktails to make the party a little more festive for those who are of drinking age. 

Be Ready For Nap Time

While it might seem like your child is growing up fast, they still need to have ample nap time to keep their spirits up. Planning your party around your child’s regular nap schedule is the best way to make sure that they too can enjoy their own party. Your guests will also be sure to appreciate your child more if he or she is well-rested before the festivities begin.

Even if setting the party around your child’s nap time means that some guests cannot attend, this is still likely preferable to having your cranky and tired infant, not at their best for their big day.

Set Up For Safety

With all the excitement and bustle of birthday party planning, do not forget to set up safety equipment for young children around your home. While you likely have some of these items more or less permanently established at this point, make sure to double-check that safety gates are in place and cupboards are properly fastened to avoid any injuries to any children in attendance.

Be Realistic

While you naturally want your child’s first birthday to resemble the photos you have seen in magazines and online, be sure to set appropriate expectations for yourself regarding the event. No matter what happens, you are sure to remember your child’s first birthday as a joyful experience. Remember to take lots of pictures.

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