Timeless “Thank You” Gifts

There are occasions in life where we’re compelled to say thank you to those who’ve done us a service. It might be someone who’s attended your wedding, helped you through a tricky period, or just looked after your cat while you were out of the country. Whatever the debt, there’s no better way of saying thank you than with the help of a timeless thank you wish or a gift. If you’re stuck for a thank-you, then don’t worry: here, we’ll run through a few of the classic choices, and see if we can provide inspiration.

Timeless Thank You Gifts


A bunch of flowers is perhaps the most popular way of conveying good wishes. It’s worth pushing the boat out a little bit rather than going for the dreaded petrol-station option: track down a quality florist and book for the day you’re going to be presenting them. If your thank-you clashes with a busy spell for florists (like Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day) then you’ll want to make arrangements well in advance.


A box of high-quality chocolates is another near-guaranteed crowd-pleaser as a timeless thank you gift. Find out the sort that your intended recipient likes, and shop accordingly. If you want to offer an extra-special thank-you, then there are chocolate hampers available containing a selection of different sorts of chocolate. 

Spa Gifts

When it comes to relaxation and self-pampering, there’s nothing quite like a bath. But to get the best from a relaxing bath, you’ll need a selection of the right aromatic products. This might mean bath-bombs, bubble-baths and scented candles, as well as facemasks, body-butters and other cleansing products. There’s a healthy industry supplying this sort of thing; again, you’ll want to find out the tastes of the person to whom you’re saying thank you; if they hate lavender, rose or honeysuckle, it’s time to find out about it. You might not even have to ask directly to obtain this information – just make a sneaky trip to their bathroom the next time you’re over, and take stock of the stuff they already have. A spa gift with a special card like these ones from the greeting card company would make the ultimate thank you gift to treasure.


If you’re looking for a gift that’ll last for years to come, then quality glassware is difficult to beat. You can even get your gift laser-engraved with a custom message, so that it’ll last as a treasured memento. Make a note of their favourite tipple, and shop for the right sort of glass. If you’re unsure, you can find detailed guides to appropriate glassware online.

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