Can You Balance Motherhood And A Career?

If you are currently in the throes of maternity leave, the chances are that you are either relishing the moments you have with your little bundle of joy, or you are getting itchy feet to return to work. You may be worried about balancing your new role as a mum with your high flying career. Many women find charting the perfect course a bit of a struggle. However, by following this guide, you will be able to balance your career with motherhood.

Can You Balance Motherhood And A Career?
Can You Balance Motherhood And A Career?


While you may have been the individual that was in the office before anyone else before welcoming your little cherub, the chances are that you will now be the person enjoying the perks of flexible working. Don’t assume that you are a failure if you have to say no a little more often. You have to be willing to show your boss that your child will always come above your job. This is the same for men and women. If you are called in for a last-minute meeting and it clashes with your little one’s first nativity, don’t feel like you have a dilemma. You should be with your child; it’s a no brainer. Prioritise and make sure that you treasure the moments that won’t come around again. Anyone can attend the meeting and you won’t be irreplaceable.

Go It Alone

Some new mums find heading into the office and committing to full-time work after having a baby all too much. They may miss their little ones and find that their priorities in life change. Rather than getting excited about scaling the next rung of the career ladder, they are more thrilled when they see their little darling smile, eat their first bit of solid food and roll over for the first time. Some mums are able to think outside of the box and discover ways to make money and yet spend more time with their kids. Of course, you can go part-time, but you are at risk of your employer taking advantage and making you do a full-time job in part-time hours for less pay.

Alternatively, you can go it alone. By venturing into entrepreneurship and working from home as a freelancer, you can look after your little one while working for yourself. Launching a startup requires time and effort. However, if you are sticking to what you know, you will already have a readymade book of contacts. If you are a cad designer, consider purchasing a deep learning workstation, setting up a home office and working in a freelance capacity. If you are already a qualified accountant, consider setting up your own home-based practice.

Family Time

To ensure that you have quality family time together, you need to make sure that you don’t work all hours God sends, no matter what job you are doing. Take time out, take the holiday you are owed and eat with your family every evening. These tiny moments that we often take for granted are the perfect time to chat, have fun, laugh and share stories. Don’t risk burnout, and always keep your child at the centre of everything that you do.

Being a new mum is tough at the best of times. Follow this guide and you can balance motherhood with your career.

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