7 Hints and Tips On Packing your Hospital bags

Welcome back to another 7 Hints and Tips post. This week I am giving some tips on what to pack in you and your baby’s hospital bags. It has felt like I have had mine packed for ages in hope of her arriving just before her due date. Here I am at 40+4 still waiting with my bags packed at the bottom of the stairs.
Mine has been packed since 34 weeks!
Packing your hospital bags

This is my gorgeous Cath Kidston bag that my sister bought for me. I’m using it for all the baby’s things.
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This is what I have packed in my hospital bags – I’m sure most people’s will vary. Pack what you feel you might need.

Baby’s Bag:

  •  Nappies and newborn sensitive wipes/cotton wool
  • Clothes – 4 Sleep suits (due to being overdue I have added two different sizes as I’m not sure what size she will come out!) 2 vests, all in one outside wear, scratch mittens, hat, socks, warm blanket for car seat and 2 muslin cloths.
  • Baby bear cuddly toy
  • Muslin cloths

My Bag:

  • Clothes – 2 nightdresses, one for labour and one if I have to stay overnight. Long cardigan ( I don’t like dressing gowns!), slippers and comfy going home clothes.
  • Maternity pads and lots of spare knickers! I have some disposable ones as well, nursing bra and breast pads.
  • Toiletries and a towel – not forgetting a lip balm for dry lips, hairbrush and hair bands.
  • Phone, charger, books/magazines, snacks and energy drinks (recommended by my midwife)
  • My Kindle – very important to stop me getting board. I love to read and can lose myself for hours in a book.
  • Breast pads, nipple cream, maternity bras.
*The most important thing not to forget are your hospital notes as this gives your pregnancy  history. 
I really hope I haven’t forgotten anything!
Is there anything you would add to my list that I might have overlooked?
I appreciate and read all your comments.
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