Useful Tips About Children’s Skiing

Winter sports are one of the most popular options for winter holidays and an opportunity to escape from everyday life. Skiing and snowboarding, combined with safe slopes and specialized teachers, offer incredible fun for all family members and especially children. Children’s skiing is fun! Go down a hill with your ski boots or snowboard, jump over small hills and enjoy the fresh snow in a fairytale resort.

Useful Tips About Children's Skiing

However, in order for the thrills of your winter excursions to remain pleasant, there must be a particular infrastructure on the premises, but also special attention must be paid to the way you and your children learn to ski and choosing their equipment.

When can a child start skiing?

This is something that has more to do with your child’s development and fitness and less with his or her age. From the age of three, a simple slide in the snow or a downhill ride is pleasant for kids. As a parent, you need to realize what an outstanding achievement and fatigue it is for a three-year-old to take a half-day lesson in something new, with other children, in a whole new environment. Skiing for children first must be seen as a game and then as a sport.

What is the best way for your kids to learn to ski?

Winter vacations with children require proper organization. The first thing you should ask yourself is if this sport impresses your children. You might arouse their interest by telling them stories about famous skiers, show them albums with photos of snowy slopes or related movies. If you are a fan of winter sports, this will surely entice your children, but, as in any field, do not ignore their own desires drawn by your own.

If you are visiting mountains for the first time and your children are at a very young age, find simple ways to enjoy nature with them. With various games make them discover the difference between uphill and downhill, that will improve their body control, but also they’ll learn to perceive the surrounding environment.

As adults, some things may be taken for granted, but elements of nature such as slopes, hills, turns, trees and generally natural obstacles, are things that a child must discover and only then will he be able to move more easily and feel confident. That’s why it’s best for a child to experience nearby nature trips before visiting a truly snowy mountain.

On these trips, play with them, chase, hide and everything else you can do to make them feel comfortable and content. All this will save you a lot of time when the child arrives at a ski resort where the conditions are more “wild” (more people, cold, snow, new environment etc.). Please do not send your children directly to a ski school, instead, give them some time to get acquainted with the new environment.

Where special attention is needed

Before you start, find out if your destination meets your requirements. The more specific the things you want, the better you can plan your trip and avoid unpleasant surprises. Choose winter resorts that are reliable by offering you services and facilities that guarantee you the necessary protection and education of your children on the sport of skiing.

The famous ski resorts of the French Alps are an ideal choice for your children. Ski resorts specially designed to accommodate families, with special spa facilities and indoor pools and other services. Specialized teachers will take care of your children in order to acquire the appropriate knowledge base so that they can love the sport of skiing. Erna Low offers you complete holiday packages in the French Alps that cover all your accommodation options, as well as the additional services of the resort so that you and your family do not miss anything, throughout your stay. So when choosing the right winter resort, you need to consider the following:

• The location of the school should be easily accessible and without a lot of noise, since the noise and a large number of observers bring insecurity to kids.

• The area where young children ski must be specially protected and separated from the other slopes.

• On the first day, stay close to your child for at least half an hour, keeping a discreet distance. Sometimes parents try to cheer up their children and give them advice from the stands. But ski instructors believe that this has the exact opposite effect, regardless of whether your advice is well-intentioned.

• Two hours a day are enough for the lesson. The rest of the day you can take a walk, play in the snow, make snowmen, and even play board games at the hotel with them.

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