Ways To Save Money On Your Weekly Shop

Now I’m on maternity leave, this past week I have sat down thinking about ways to save money on your weekly shop. Maternity pay isn’t a great deal in fact it’s only £140.98 a week (as of March 2018) so when you are used to working full-time it’s a big drop in wages. In our household I mainly pay for groceries, this is an area I know we can save money on.

I have been thinking about tips on how we can slash our grocery bill each week and have come up with these top tips. I hope you find them useful to help you save money as well.

Ways to Save money on your weekly shop

Top Tips to Slash Your Weekly Shopping Bill

  • Meal Plan – This is the most important one! Before you head out the door sit down with a cup of tea and plan ahead for the week. I’m now doing this on Fridays before we go shopping on Saturdays. I also keep a check of what I’ve got in the cupboards and freezer to see what I can use up for the coming week. I have the husbands birthday coming up this week and while hunting through the cupboard I found I had all the ingredients to make a fruit birthday cake for him except the eggs. When I was working full-time, running a household with a toddler around I never had the time do meal plan as such. Therefore I always bought extra I didn’t need.

  • Supermarket Own Branded Products  – Opt for supermarket’s own brand labels. In fact most of these items are made in the same factories as branded goods. Supermarkets always want you to spend more so these items are normally out of your eye line when browsing the shelves. You may find them at the bottom or at the top of the shelves where you wouldn’t necessary look. I recently popped into my local Aldi and tried their 10 pack of Cheese Curl snacks for 99p, we love the taste of them so much better than the branded equivalent Quavers. Plus they are a fraction of the price. Supermarket own brand products like toiletries, washing powders and dishwashing tablets could save you lots of money a year just by making the change from branded items.
  • Use The Basic Range – Most supermarkets have a basics range. I know myself that some items from the basics range are not as good, but it’s great for money saving on simple foods and basic products like flour, rice, dried pasta, oats, toilet roll, kitchen roll and tissues. You can get more of these for your money.
  • Check Deal Websites and Apps Before you Shop – I have the Shopmium and Checkout Smart apps on my phone and always check these before I head to the shops. Sometimes they have really good money savings and at other times you can get free products from them. I have had free loaves of bread, a bag of frozen chips, chocolate and other baby foods all FREE! Just remember to keep the receipts and upload them to the app’s after to claim the costs back. Websites like LatestDeals are good to check out for the latest offers, vouchers and freebies before you head to the shops.

Ways to save money on your weekly shop

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How To Make Further Savings

The money saving tips above are the main ones to start off with. If you want to go further into saving money on your weekly shop these will help you streamline your savings.

  • Avoid convenience foods – such as pre-made sandwiches, ready to eat hot food (these are taxed) and ready meals. They are for people who are cash rich, but time poor. Expensive foods that are nearly always high in salt and fat plus contain lots of extra packaging that will need to be got rid of.
  • Shop loose foods and from the fresh food counters – There are sometimes great deals to be had on loose items. Also you are not paying for packaging. Check the weight per kg on the loose products with pre packaged items you will be surprised at the price differences.

Shop loose food

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  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach – It goes without saying really!
  • Shop around – If you have the time, shop around the cheaper supermarkets like Aldi and Lidl. Also a good shout is to pop into Wilko’s for non food items, they are much cheaper.
  • Buy frozen – I’m a huge fan of frozen veg. I have many types in my freezer and just take out what I need when I need it. Saves so much money as I’m not throwing it away like I used to with buying fresh. You can also buy frozen garlic and ginger and other herbs nowadays which again saves money as you only use it when you need it.
  • Shop Online – When I was on maternity leave last time, I did our shopping online. As well as finding the online exclusive only deals you know exactly what you are spending. That little total column on the side will be a constant reminder to you on your spending budget. You also won’t be walking near the cream cake aisle! If shopping online isn’t your thing how about using the supermarket’s scan as you shop option? This way as you are scanning in each item you have a running total on your hand scanner seeing how much you are spending. Or you could use a calculator!


What are your ways to save money on your weekly shop?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope this post is useful in some way.


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8 thoughts on “Ways To Save Money On Your Weekly Shop

  1. We are lucky that we have local shops for our everyday items and we do try to support them but an online order from time to time for bulkier items is so convenient!

  2. We go to our local greengrocer’s and also to an Asian foodstore and a Polish foodstore for various items. The greengrocer’s has much cheaper veg and more variety than the supermarket, the asian store is great for items such as coconut oil, rice, and spices, and the Polish store does great rye bread which is more wholesome and less expensive than supermarket bread. Luckily the stores are all located on the same street in our town so we don’t find ourselves driving all over the place which would defeat the objective.

  3. I now do online shopping and am now very selective in what i buy and look for good offers especially store cupboard and freezer items. I then shop locally for fruit and veg and have managed to cut down my shopping bill. I have noticed food prices have shot up recently.

  4. Always music to my ears-SAVE MONEY – the only one i dont do is online shopping – i love viewing in stores !!

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