Thrifty Thursday: Want To Try Something New? – Shopmium

For 2018 I want to share with you all my thrifty tips and how you can save money and of course try new things. Each Thursday I will share something with you that I regularly do to save money in our household. Saving money this year is a big must on the agenda due to myself being on maternity leave later on in the year.

Here is the first Thrifty Thursday post for 2018!

I love to try new things. A few months back I discovered an app called Shopmium that let you do just that – try new things. It’s easy to use trust me! While I’m browsing around the supermarket I get my phone out and check out what I can try this week. My husband loves to see what I’m bringing home next with the weekly shopping! Although he wasn’t too fussed with the Chickpea snacks I got the other week!

Thrifty Thursday: Want to try something new? - Shopmium app

So how does it work?

How it works

  • Browse the offers on the app
  • Pick what suits you
  • Buy it from your local supermarket
  • Send Shopmium a photo of the receipt
  • Get cashback directly into your bank or PayPal account.


Want to try something new? - Shopmium app


I do have a couple of things to point out for you.

  1. Check the offer carefully on the app as some products are only for certain supermarkets
  2. Some of the products offer a % off and others you can get the total cost back so effectively for free!


Shopmium have a great scheme where you can refer your friends to increase your next cashback rewards. Presently you can receive £4 for each referee’s first cashback.

Plus the person you have referred gets a free bar of chocolate or something similar. At the moment you can get a free bar of Lindt Excellence chocolate.

You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play and sign up here: Shopmium

My Referral code is   AAUKCHUN


Want to try something new? - Shopmium app


Once you join up don’t forget to share your own referral code with your friends!

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Is the Shopmium app something you would want to try?

Thanks for stopping by today – please do join me for Thrifty Thursday next week!

Thank you for sharing

4 thoughts on “Thrifty Thursday: Want To Try Something New? – Shopmium

  1. Oh goodness that sounds really interesting! I do all I can (within reason haha) to save money including cashback sites like TopCashback & Quidco. Thanks so much for the heads up!!

  2. Ooh fab. I have a few Cashback apps but not heard of this one. I need to make more effort using them too. I find the asda price guarantee great.

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