The Staggering Price Of Moving Home And What You Can Do About It

Our house is on the market right at this moment, and we have been saving for a few months now because moving to a new home can be frighteningly expensive. The good news is that there are all sorts of things that you can do to save money and reduce your outgoings.

Check out these ideas.

Tips on how to save money while moving home


Grab A House Survey

There’s nothing worse than moving to a new house, spending an enormous amount of money, only to find out that the foundations are infested with damp or that the plumbing is completely shot. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a chartered surveyor to give any home you’re thinking of buying the once over. If there are any problems with the property, they’ll tell you, and you could avoid having to spend a fortune on repairs once you move in.

Use Second Hand Boxes

Moving Boxes

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When you think about the costs of moving, the price of boxes probably doesn’t occur to you. But you’d be surprised just how much removal boxes cost when bought brand new. Your best bet for saving money on boxes is to go down to the local supermarket and see if they have any second-hand boxes you can have for free. You can also ask removal companies if they’d be willing to lend you boxes, again helping you to save money.

Compare Quotes

House removals are a major cost for people moving home. Prices can easily exceed £2,000, depending on how much stuff you need to move. The secret to getting a good deal when it comes to removal is to canvas for quotes from local companies. You can either do this in person, or you can use one of the many tools online to find the best deal. When you’re comparing quotes, make sure you include all aspects of the service that you want, including any larger items that need to be moved.

To find and compare quotes you should use a comparison website that lets you compare online without the need to enter your personal details. That way you will not get called or emailed by several companies wanting your business. A good place we have found is the Homebuyer Conveyancing website. You can freely browse the many quotes and if you are in the know on which lender you will be using for your new home you can filter results by Mortgage Lender. This website lets you find a local Conveyancing Solicitor that is based on a High Street. It does not use conveyancing warehouses where service levels can be a problem if they get too busy. Even if you aren’t ready to instruct you will still get a good idea on what your costs will be which include legal fees and disbursements. This website makes comparing conveyancing quotes easy. If you are on a tight budget then why not consider using a Solicitor based in a low cost of living area such as Doncaster. The key is to select companies for your move that provide a fixed fee quote so you know where you stand. Work to a budget, it really does help to take away the stress.

Get Rid Of Your Old Possessions

Moving home is also a good opportunity to have a massive clear out and get rid of all the old stuff that you neither want nor need. But instead of just chucking it in the skip, why not make a bit of money from selling the most valuable items? Clothes and electronics sell especially well on eBay.

Book Moving Services Early

Most people think that booking at the last minute will save them money on removal services. But, unlike airline fares, the opposite is usually the case. The reason for this is that as the date for moving approaches, more and more companies get booked up. Just a couple of days before the move, most businesses are already booked to capacity, meaning that any companies that aren’t booked up can charge more. Booking early means that you avoid any last minute additions to the total cost of your move.

Use Planning Apps

The cost of moving home can quickly sneak up on people. That’s why it’s a good idea to use planning apps to plan out the full cost of a move. Staying organized and on top of your finances means that it’s less likely that you’ll have a nasty surprise later on.

I know I will be keeping all these tips in mind as our move creeps up on us! Do you have any tips on moving home?

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