Your Commute to Work in 2020

As we approach the end of the summer of 2020 in the UK, many office workers are being encouraged back into the workplace after an unprecedented, extended period of working from home. It’s natural to have some concerns about this: while transmission numbers for the virus we have all been trying to avoid are down, it’s not been fully suppressed yet and the risk of catching Covid-19 still existing in the community and on the commute to work.

Your Commute to Work in 2020

Let’s take a look at how you can handle your commute to work in this difficult time so you can feel as secure as possible.

Talking to Management

The first step is to talk to management about the processes they’ve put in place. You need to know if you have to arrive at a different time to normal. In order to stagger people coming into the office, or sharing smaller rooms, you may have leave earlier or later than usual.

It’s also worth raising with them any concerns you have: if you’re especially vulnerable to the complications arising from the virus (or live with someone who is) they need to know about it, and this may change their plans for you to return to the office.

It’s also worth discussing the idea of changing your work hours yourself – if you’re able to travel at a less busy time by starting earlier or later, you can do no harm by suggesting the idea.

Picking a Commute

The safest way to commute with regard to exposure to disease is by car. It’s worth investigating if this is an option for you, even if it wasn’t one before – traveling to work alone in your own sealed environment reduces a lot of the risk of travel.

If driving isn’t an option, look at what is: it may be worth allowing for a longer commute than usual if you can, for example, travel on a quieter bus instead of a busy train.

While You’re Commuting

You’re currently legally obliged to wear a mask on public transport. It’s well worth abiding by this law – not just because of the legal consequences but because the more people do, the lower the risk that you will catch or pass on the virus as you travel. If your journey is a long one, it’s well worth looking around for a more comfortable mask from a specialist supplier like Covaflu that gives you a little more breathing room while still helping to contain the spread of virus bearing droplets!

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