How I Made You by Javier Goode – Book Review

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My daughter L at four years old is always talking about when she was in my belly, and her younger sister too and how they got there. I was intrigued as to how the author Javier Goode would put into words and pictures the concept of “How I made You” and how would be suitable for babies and children.

How I Made You by Javier Goode - Book Review

Book Descritpion

You’ll always 

have questions,

little button,

many or few. 

So in case you wondered, 

this is the story of how I made you …

Explore science, nature, hopes and dreams with your little one in this sweet tale of becoming.

How I made You illustrations - stork

What I Thought

What an adorable book. Cute rhyming words take us on a journey of How I Made You. From 46 chromosomes and 20,000 genes to one single you. Instead of a baby, the author describes you as a button and uses this throughout. Of course, all babies are cute as a button!

The combination of nature, love, and science is done perfectly. It touches on family diversity and blended families. Which is perfect for a preschooler to learn. She is starting school next month and I’ve been chatting to her about the differences between families and how we all look different. Other learnings in the book include the numbers 1-10, hopes and dreams, and your own uniqueness.

“There’s only one in the world like you, dear one.”

The colours on the illustrations are beautiful, calm and soft, making it an ideal bedtime story book.

I loved showing this book to my daughter, it’s great for young children to learn where they come from, in a gentle way they can relate to. After reading we now have more questions. “What is a chromosome mummy?” It’s beautiful to hear her having queries about what we are reading. It makes the book an active learning experience between parent and child.

How I Made You by Javier Goode is released on 28th August 2020.

You can preorder from the Ghost & Ribbon shop.

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