The Neo Lava Lamp Review

AD- Gifted: I was given a Neo Lava Lamp in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

When I was younger I remember my older sister getting a lava lamp for Christmas. It was the most wonderful thing ever. I used to stare at it for ages watching the molten wax rising up and falling down. Over the years I haven’t really thought about getting a lava lamp myself, although I would love one!

When the lovely people at Mathmos contacted me about the release of their new lava lamp called the Neo, I thought fantastic! My chance to finally have my own lava lamp, and to really explore how they work. Lava lamps are a beautiful work of science.


Mathmos are the original British lava lamps makers dating all the way back to 1963. For over 50 years they have been making lava lamps, isn’t that amazing? So if you buy a Mathmos lava lamp you know you are buying British quality from the best makers possible.

After having a browse around their site, I have to say I adore the Fireflow lava lamp. It’s powered by a tealight! How cool is that?

So today Mathmos are releasing their new lava lamp called the Neo  as I said previously. The Neo is designed by Jonathan Coles and is the only lava lamp in the world that has been thoroughly tested and verified to be safe for customers of all ages. Yes it’s a lava lamp safe for children!

I have to say it’s pretty in the dark so had to add a photo of the Neo in my window!

Neo Lava lamp in the dark

The Neo Lava Lamp

The Neo is made from precision cast metal and is of low voltage. The lamp is powered by long-lasting halogen capsules for extended use. The Neo has an internal diffuser ensuring the heat and light are directed into the bottle. This makes the metal stand cooler to the touch and therefore safer for children. The bottle is also shatterproof.


I chose the chrome finish for the lamp only because it matches my living room decor much more than the copper finish would. I have to say that the copper looks very retro and much more unusual than the chrome finish.

Image from Mathmos

There are many colour combinations available for the Neo. I chose the purple liquid with the pink wax. The lamp will take up  to 2 hours to get fully going so it takes a little patience. The chrome design gives the lamp a sleek and futuristic space look. I love it! The circular base design is a little unusual compared to the ‘normal’ shape lava lamps, which helps to give it a unique look.

I have one word for the Neo – Stunning!

Where to buy the Neo?

You can buy the Neo and other amazing Mathmos Lava Lamps from Amazon.

The Purple and Pink Neo Lava Lamp

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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305 thoughts on “The Neo Lava Lamp Review

  1. I had an orange and blue one with stars, it was so funky. Unfortunately it broke it in a house move. Would love to own one again, thanks.

  2. ive never had one but i remember my parents having a couple in our living room as I was growing up they were red and blue ones

  3. I did own a lava lamp when I was about 16 and I loved it. It has a colour combination of pink, blue + green! My daughter would love one of these in her bedroom.

  4. no iv never owned one bur i did used to own a ufo lamp which I loved alot I used to sit and look at it in the dark was so pretty

  5. Never had a lava lamp before and would love to be your winner as this one looks STUNNING!! Fingers and toes crossed! xx

  6. My sister had one when I was little but despite many hours laying watching it, I can’t remember the colour!

  7. Oh yes, I saved up and bought myself one when I was 16 – about 20 years ago! It was (and still is!) pink and purple.

  8. We have a couple because my autistic daughter loves them, we are always looking for more! Her fave is a pink and green one

  9. I owned an all red lava lamp until this morn believe it or not i woke to it on my kitchen floor in pieces after my son decided to trash the kitchen 🙁 lol x

  10. My Daughter has a red lava lamp fascinating to watch when it heats up and gets going, some of the shapes are rather funny

  11. I had on 10 years ago in purple to go with my bedroom colour scheme. I watched it for hours on my desk when I should have been revising

  12. I used to have one as a teen, it was super cool. My daughter would love this and it’s kinda trendy right?! xx

    Good luck all


  14. I had a Mathmos Blue with red wax lamp about 18 years ago. Sadly it got damaged moving house and I no longer have it. I really loved it too!

  15. I seem to remember having one last time they were cool! Can’t remember what the colours were, though, and it wasn’t anywhere near as nice as this Mathmos one.

  16. I haven’t owned a lava lamp before however I’m looking into getting my son one for xmas as it would look fab In his bedroom

  17. I owned one before and loved it! the main coulor of it was purple and I can’t remember if it was clear or red as well.

  18. My son has one in his bedroom & I’m rather jealous lol all the kids love sitting & just watching. Its very calming 🙂

  19. My partner had one with purple liquid, and red wax. I remember one at my gran’s, about 1980, wonder what happened to it? I think the copper coloured one would look lovely in our house.

  20. We had one which was purple & red but one of the kids knocked it over & it smashed into our brand new sub-woofer, part of our surround sound system. Was not pleased although I did love the lamp!

  21. I begged for one for Christmas when I was 8 and was so happy when I not only got one but a purple one which was and still is my favourite colour and now my little girl wants one wish I kept mine but the neo lamp looks amazing

  22. I still have the original mathmos lava lamp i got when I had my first flat at 19, and it’s purple with red blobs. The purple liquid has faded a bit by now though!

  23. Unbelievably, I’ve never owned a lava lamp – maybe thats why this appeals so much to the inner child in me! lol Many thanks for the comp and great review ????

  24. I have a Mathmos lava lamp, purple/red and it is AAAMAZING! Don’t be fooled by the imitations – Mathmos is the ONLY one worth having. LOve the idea of this new style.

  25. I’ve owned one in the past and I think it was purple and red with a black base – it was a long time ago 😀

  26. We adore Mathmos products. My favourite is my beautiful Telstar – red wax and yellow liquid. Mathmos are local to where I live, we visited their little show room and a lovely lady talked us through the products. 🙂

  27. Used to have a lamp as a kid – it never worked right.
    found you could buy replacement bottles a few years ago and restored it – the bottle was the issue.
    Use it as a notification I’ve left the record player on now!

  28. Hubby bought me a red one with a gold base for our wedding 47 years ago. He also bought be a turquoise sparkly one with a silver base to replace it after it stopped working. I still have it as a night light. So pretty and relaxing 🙂

  29. we had one about 8 years ago that was pink but it got smashed when we moved to fourth floor flat it got dropped down the stairs!

  30. I had a pink one when I was little. It had purple glittery lava in and I used to fall asleep watching it.

  31. I haven’t ever owned a Lava Lamp but as a young child of the 70’s, I remember my parents having one, only wish they kept it now as it would be real retro piece now.

  32. A blue and pink one was left here when I moved into my house, but my nephew conned me into letting him have it, much to my embarrassment :/ Love the Neo – very classy 😀

  33. Have one that goes between pink and red, also do miss them but used to have those massive tubular bubbling fish lamps with the plastic fish turning light and bubbles all the way – was a 5 foot high one – would also recommend the mathmos metal pebbles, they go through a rainbow of colours

  34. We had a couple of lava lamps growing up (at various times). I remember how relaxing it was to sit in a dark room and just watch the shapes it would make.

  35. My husband has something similar, instead of wax inside it has mini star wars ships that are made from some kind of glitter. I shines red and when the ships all move around it looks awesome.

  36. I had one about 15 years ago absolutely loved it 🙂 would love one for my son mine was purple and a creamy colour xx

  37. Great review. I had a Lava Lamp years ago (a cheap one) It was Blue Liquid & Yellow Lava. I’d love a shiny new Mathmos one, they’re super cool! x

  38. When I was a child lava lamps were all the rage. I remember my next door neighbour had a red and orange one that I was most envious of!

  39. I never owned one, but I’ve always wanted one, they look so cool and relaxing! Thanks so much for the chance 🙂 x

  40. Never had one but always wanted one as when I was little my best friend had one on top of her telly and it was fab x

  41. No. My nephew got one a few years ago, and I can recall decades ago a friend having one :- When they were first fashionable.

    1. My son has oneto try and help him to go to sleep. Its red and sikver and not a particularly calming colour but he chose it and it’s still mesmerising. I’d love one of my own though

  42. I’ve never had a lava lamp, always wanted one when I was little but because they got so hot my mum wouldn’t let me have one!

  43. Nope, I’ve never owned one. My Nan had one when i was a kid which was really old, probably an original model! It had red goo inside it and the outer lamp was brass! I always thought it was really cool though and would love to win one. Thank you for the chance.

  44. I’ve never owned one, but I remember my nan had one years ago (17 to be exact!). My parents gave it to her as a fake birthday present (she was a bit disappointed) and then went straight to the hospital for a secret planned C-Section. My mum had my little sister that day and that was my nan’s realy birthday present. Best she ever had 🙂

  45. Got a blue 1 for christmas when I was around 14 or 15 I loved it they really do keep you relaxed and kids attention for hours my mum still has 1

  46. I love lava lamps! I always have done, I owned two when I was a teenager (many years ago!) I had a green and purple one! I found them so relaxing to look at, I could sit and watch it for ages it was therapeutic!

  47. I have one of the rocket-shaped ones, I love it! It has purple liquid and orange wax. Except the liquid is no longer very purple, and one of the legs keeps falling off…but it is about 25 years old (OMG I feel old!)

  48. From my childhood I remember lava lamps being THE ultimate in cool and I so desperately wanted one! Never got one though! 😀

  49. I have always wanted a lavalamp, and after some old and pale used non originals I bought mine earlier this year,

    A classic one with the collors of the english flag.
    Purple and red.

    I also added a cracalite to my collection and a Evercrest galaxy.

    Now I see this one … stunning
    revolutionary and not over the top like the rocket-ones.

    It would really be nice to add this one to my collection.

  50. Thats a very nice read ! I would so love one of these . I have one of each of the other Mathmos Lava Lamps (Except Lunar and Monster) so ofcourse i would need one of these too!

  51. I’ve never had a lava lamp but always wished I had, thanks for the chance to win, my fingers are firmly crossed x

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