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Why is it hard to find a perfect midi dress? You know a dress that’s not for the beach like a maxi one but a nice proper dress for going out to lunch. Or to a lovely Summer wedding.

I hunted around online looking at selections of  midi dresses from Simply Be. I thought this is my chance to find it – a perfect midi dress for those special occasions in a plus size. It’s been 6 months since I had baby girl and my mum-tum is still present along with a few other wobbly bits!

So as I said I spent a few hours on the Simply Be website looking through the vast selection of midi dresses in plus size to see if anything popped out at me. My luck was in. A gorgeous blue midi dress with a flowery design came on the screen.

What made it pop and a little different is the two yellow stripes on the dress at the bottom. As you can see me modeling it below.

Outfit from Simply Be- blue Midi Dress, Blue cardigan, blue satchel and silver sparkly toe br sandals

The dress fits really well and the material is so soft and feels of great quality. I love the busy design to hide the wobbles! It’s a decent length just below the knee and hugs gently without sucking everything in so I can’t breathe!

What type of dress is ideal for you? If you want to save some money, it’s a dress you can wear over and over again. Certain dresses are limited as far as the occasions for which they are suitable. That is not true of many midi dresses. Their mid-range lengths can look professional, casual or even formal. To find your ideal midi-dress, use your height as a partial guide. Longer midi dresses almost to your ankles are great if you are tall. Midi dresses extending to just below your knees are better when you are short but want the appearance of being taller. When you add the right midi dress to your closet, you will find yourself pulling it out again and again. As you wear it with different accessories and shoes, you can identify many different styles perfect for all sorts of events.
Blue midi dresses from Simply Be with two yellow stripes at the bottom

I love the colour blue of this small satchel. Tucked up inside is the shoulder strap so can be used either way.

Small blue satchel handbag with shoulder strap

My old sandals broke on the way home from our holiday in July so I’ve been on the lookout for something  a little sparkly and light and came upon these gorgeous little things. I do think they go with the midi dresses from Simply Be for a Summer look.

Sparkly toe bar sandals

I hope you have enjoyed my little post on my find of a perfect midi dress. You can find all these items on the Simply Be website subject to availability.

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6 thoughts on “Midi Dresses from Simply Be

  1. I like Simply Be and their selection. I’m a bigger woman so it’s great to be able find clothing in my size. I also have wide feet so it’s good that they sell wide fitting shoes also.

    The dress looks really good on you and the sandals are cute. 🙂 #triballove

    1. I don’t hve really wide feet but I have long feet! Size 9! I like Simply Be for the better sizes. Thanks for commenting xx

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