How To Stay In Contact With Your Overseas Family and Friends

In this day and age, we often have friends spread all the way across the world. Whether your old best friend from high school moved to the other side of the country or your internet friend’s always lived five thousand miles away, it can be hard to stay in contact when you all have your own families and busy lives to get on with.

It’s not only friends that are spread around the world, but family as well.

My older sister lives in Canada and with the 8 hour time difference it can be hard to keep in touch. But we love to Facetime and text as often as we can.

Here are some tips to help you stay in contact with the people you care about the most…

Use Social Media

How to stay on contact with friends overseas

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Social media can definitely be a pain, but on the other hand it’s a great way to see all the different aspects of someone’s life, from the perfect family shots they post on Facebook to the snarky Twitter updates to the gorgeous vacation photos on Instagram.

If you use social media you’ll find it easier to keep up to date with what your nearest and dearest are doing instead of having to pester them on Whatsapp all the time. That means that when you talk or eventually see each other, you can debate the state of the world instead of talking about boring things like what you usually have for dinner.

Write Letters

Write Letters

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There’s absolutely nothing better than receiving mail (unless it’s your credit card bill and you went crazy in the sales the previous month, in which case receiving mail is terrible and awful. If you want to find out more about pricing or what the best services for you to use are, check out the Royal Mail contact number before carefully wrapping up birthday presents and putting them in boxes and writing letters to your friends overseas. There’s nothing that makes you feel closer to someone than seeing their handwriting and having something tangible to read and reread.

Set Aside Time For Phone Calls

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If you really want to stay in contact with your friends who don’t live close to you, then it’s important that you make sure that you set aside time for them to catch up. You may be busy, but everyone is – and you always need to make time for the things that really matter. Maintaining your friendships is something you’ll be incredibly grateful for once your kids have left home. Make sure that you have a phone or Skype date with your friend at least once every three weeks – shut yourself away and make sure you assign it as much importance as meeting up with your friends who live close by.

Organize Visits

Visiting Friends

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Visiting friends who live far away can be an expensive and sometimes arduous thing to do, but it will absolutely be worth it. Not only will you get to see a new part of the world but your friend will be delighted that you care enough to make the effort. It might be expensive to go with your whole family so why not get your partner and mother to look after your kids while you visit a friend for a long weekend? That means you can really catch up and relive your (hopefully misspent – it’s more fun that way!) youth.

Do you have family and friends overseas? How do you keep in contact with them?

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