Top Tips to Safe Proof Your Pool Area

The other day I posted about ways to enhance and modernise your pool area, but never covered safe proof your pool area. With young children around this is a must for any family.

A backyard pool is a privilege that should be enjoyed free of stress. If you’ve got small kids and pets running around your backyard, they are going to need constant supervision.


Safe proof your pool area

These handy tips will help you to take extra precautions to ensure their safety, while helping you to relax in luxury.

Use a Non-Slip Finish

When you’ve got little people running around and chasing each other, it’s important to avoid any slip hazards. Swimming pool surfaces are notoriously slippery, so always opt for an anti-slip polyurethane finish. There are many modern choices to choose from in a variety of colors.

Install a High Tech Perimeter Alarm

Investing in a pool alarm can give that extra peace of mind in terms of your home security levels. A perimeter alarm is set up at different spots around your pool, to create a laser beam protective fence. It is invisible to the naked eye so won’t effect the luxury aesthetic of your pool area. When a person crosses the laser fence, an alarm will be triggered straight away.


Build a fence with a child safety gate around the water to ensure that your children won’t be able to access the pool unsupervised. Or you could erect a luxury glass pool enclosure to attract as much natural light around the water as possible. Remember to keep the gate closed when leaving and entering the pool area. Another option is to try a wood fencing installation for ultimate backyard privacy. There are many different options available when it comes to fenced security. A gate alarm works in the same way, so it might be a good idea to invest in both.

Invest in a Pool Cover

Invest in an automatic pool safety cover for when it’s not in use. You can get them made to measure, and you also have the option to operate them manually too. They also keep your pool clear of debris and leaves, so you can spend less time on maintenance. There are many designs to choose from when it comes to pool covers, from solar powered designs, to roller styles. Make sure you get the one that is tailored to your specific needs.

Underwater Security Systems

With underwater sensor alarms, a sonar grid is placed beneath the surface of the water to detect motion. If you feel like you might need one of these for your pool just remember to switch sleep mode on while the pool is in use.

Take Lifeguard Courses

To enjoy your luxury pool to the fullest, it’s good to teach your kids how to swim like the experts. It’s a great way to instill confidence in them, by showing them how to keep safe and what techniques to use. If your children find themselves in a position where they are struggling, at least they will know what to do. Always be on pool patrol just in case. Purchase floating devices to help them along while they’re too young to swim properly.

I hope you enjoyed these tips to safe proof your pool and find them useful if you have your own pool or decide to put one in.

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