Prep for a Proposal She’ll Always Remember

If you’re a fan of the inexplicably popular “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” then you’ve seen not only one, but two wedding proposals for the “bootylicious” Kim Kardashian, the one who started it all and by “all” we mean the multi-million dollar empire spawned by her mother Kris. For those of you with short memories, Kim was then best known as the daughter of O.J. Simpson’s lawyer, as Paris Hilton’s assistant, as Brandy’s “stylist,” or, even, as Olympian Bruce Jenner’s stepdaughter. In 2003, Kim and Brandy’s brother, Ray J made the controversial tape which was released in 2007. Kim sued, but thanks to a settlement – and momager Kris – she dropped the suit when she was offered $5 million…and so the story begins.

Prep for a marriage proposal

What you might not know about both of the proposals is that despite Kim’s questionable acting skills – she was not surprised. In fact, the wedding proposal engineered by her second husband Kris Humphries (or, more likely, their “E!” network producer) was entirely staged. The entire rose-petal proposal was filmed and “in the can” (as they say in the industry) but Kim did not like the way she looked, so the entire “surprise” proposal was re-shot. And, the elaborate proposal by her current (and third) husband, self-proclaimed deity and recently troubled Kanye West was far too big and cumbersome to be a surprise. In fact, eagle-eyed fans noticed that she was actually wearing the engagement ring in a scene that was allegedly shot before the “surprise.”

But don’t take your cue from television “personalities,” propose in your own special way and with a beautiful and meaningful ring. For just such a ring, check out this page: When you shop online, you’ll find an amazing selection to choose from and in the privacy of your own laptop, computer, notebook or smart phone.

Make sure that you have the ring ready for the big day. You know that the ring will be worn daily and be imbued with all the love, respect and honor so even though your local mall is filled with jewellery shops and the Internet sports pages of sites boasting sales of engagement rings, you need to visit jewellers near your area too.

You can visit a well-known or prestigious jeweller store  like the Ringleaders. Their store is located in Brisbane. Visit the shop or check their online store and you’re assured great quality and service. By doing so, you can be certain that you’ll choose the perfect ring for your fiancé.

Proposal Ideas

  • Make a mini-movie compiling photographs and video of your relationship and end with the text “Will you marry me?”
  • One of the most popular proposals today is the active and interactive “scavenger hunt” proposal in which the designer has the soon-to-be engaged embark on a tiny journey of places significant to their relationship.
  • If you’re “outdoorsy” you can propose whilst engaging (get it?) in a favourite activity – hiking, swimming, caravanning, playing sports.
  • Destination proposal – plan what will appear to be a fun getaway trip, but the real reason? Your proposal
  • Create a photo album or scrapbook that will chronicle your relationship and the final photo will be the proposal.
  • If you are confident (absolutely) of her response, and you are both fun-loving and love dancing, consider putting together a flash mob. Check out YouTube for many ideas.


Nowadays, you hear quite a bit about celebrity proposals. The engaged couple are, together or individually, posting on social media, flooding their friends with their news. But some of the most romantic (albeit troubled) relationships of the past have proposal stories shielded in secrecy. Have you heard how U.S. president John F. Kennedy proposed to his wife, then Jacqueline Bouvier?

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