How You Can Show Support for Muslim Friends in Ramadan

Ramadan is fast approaching and that means that many of our friends, colleagues or family members will begin observing the Islamic holy month, which sees Muslims fasting during daylight hours. This year, Ramadan begins on or around Tuesday 15th May 2018 and comes to an end on or around Thursday 14th June 2018.

The fast begins at dawn and ends at sunset every day, during which time those practicing will abstain from food and drink amongst other acts. Muslims will eat breakfast in the early hours of the morning and enjoy a meal in the evening once the day has turned to night.

How You Can Show Support for Muslim Friends in Ramadan

During this lunar month, it is important that friends and family show support for Muslims. Below, we have listed a few ways in which you can support your friends and family during Ramadan.

Understanding Ramadan

One of the best ways which you can help to show support for anyone fasting during Ramadan is to understand the meaning of this holiest of months in the Islamic calendar. Although fasting is the most well-known practice that takes place during Ramadan, this is not the only activity that occurs, with Muslims also engaging more deeply with their faith through additional prayers, personal reflection and charitable donations such as zakat.

How Muslims celebrate Ramadan varies from person to person, much like how Christians celebrate Christmas – each person and/or family will have their own traditions. The best way to learn is to ask any Muslim family or friends that you may have about what Ramadan means to them and their religion.

How You Can Show Support for Muslim Friends in Ramadan

Not All Muslims Fast During Ramadan

Although the majority of Muslims do fast during Ramadan, there are some that do not. This may be through personal choice or for other unavoidable reasons, such as any health matters.

As the reasons behind not fasting can be personal, it can be seen as rude to ask, potentially coming across as judgemental about their faith and religious practice. It is completely up to the individual as to whether they wish to share their reasoning’s for not fasting.

Ask How You Can Help

If you are unsure how or even if you can help someone who is fasting during the day, then ask. It may be the case that they do not want or need any additional support during their fast while, equally, they may be appreciative of the offer and consideration that you have shown.

It should also be said that even though many Muslims are fasting during Ramadan, this doesn’t mean that non-Muslims should feel the need to go out of their way to hide any food or drink during this time. The abstinence of food and drink is a practice that Muslims choose to follow as part of the Holy month and do not wish for anyone else to feel uncomfortable about eating or drinking around them.

Just Act as Normal

All in all, probably the best way that you can show your support for someone who is fasting during Ramadan is to act normal. Muslims who are fasting for Ramadan will appreciate normality and do not expect anyone else to go out of their way for them.

Kindness and consideration are qualities that are appreciated all year round, not just for a single month of the year. A keenness to understand is something that will always go a long way, regardless of the religion or practice, and is a characteristic that certainly helps to make the world a better place to live.  


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