How To Host The Perfect Summer Barbecue

Now that the summertime is finally here, it’s time to get out into the garden and have that much-needed barbecue with the family. Having a barbecue on a sunny day is a great way to spend your summer and have fun with your family and friends. If you want to up your barbecue game this year and impress your guests, here’s how to host the perfect summer barbecue.

How to host the perfect Summer Barbecue

A great setup

The first thing you’ll need to consider when you are hosting a barbecue this summer is where you will sit. Make sure you have enough Garden Furniture for everyone who is visiting you, and also make sure that you leave enough room for the grill to fire up away from everyone. You can even ask your family to bring a chair with them if you don’t have enough! Of course, you can’t have a great sitting area without a decent barbecue. We are big fans of offset smokers. Offset smokers are fabulous because you can add a delicious flavour of smokiness to your meat during the cooking process. 

How to host the perfect Summer Barbecue

Keep it simple

It might be tempting to prepare five different types of meat for your family on a summer’s day, but all this will do is create a lot of stress for you and extra time cooking on the grill. Instead of worrying about lots of different dishes, focus on two different types of meat and simply add a couple of different marinades. For example, you can make burgers for the masses and then also prepare chicken thighs in a few different flavours to suit everyone. In fact, you can make everything a little more healthier, by using some of these easy food swaps.

This means you can stay calm, enjoy the sunny day and have some great tasting food! 

Side dishes

If you want to take your barbecue food to the next level, you will want to prepare a few side dishes to serve alongside the main event. Most of these dishes can be prepared the day before and you can simply take them out of the fridge when you are ready to serve them. You could knock up a Greek salad with tomatoes, feta, olives, and lettuce; make some spicy couscous for the table: and layout tortilla chips with dips like hummus and tzatziki. This will keep everyone happy as they wait for the main meal and will alleviate even more stress from you. You can find lots of bargains if you shop around and check out the food prices, to keep your food bill down.

How to host the perfect Summer Barbecue - greek salad

Don’t forget drinks

A lot of the time the hardest thing to decide on when you host a barbecue is the drinks. For the masses, you can make a fun feature with a wheelbarrow! All you need to do is clean it out, fill it up with ice and then store your beer and wine in here for the day. You may also need to think about co2 gas for your beer if you are buying a large amount

For those who don’t fancy alcohol during the day you can also make some fun cocktails using fruit juices and soda. One great example would be a pink lemonade which you can make by filling a jug with lemonade, pouring in a small dash of cranberry juice and cutting up some strawberries to place inside. Another option is to fill up a jug with water and place some lime wedges and mint leaves inside. This will act as a refreshing drink to cool everyone down on a hot day. Be creative and make some fun concoctions which your family and friends will love.

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  1. My sister and brother hold family BBQs and my brother in law always says they are keeping it to a smaller amount of food than the previous one as they always end up with loads left over. However every time they have just as much ! enough to feed a village !

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