How Long Should You Wait To Get Engaged?

Mr B and I were engaged for 4 years before we got married. People always talk about how long they have been engaged but not so much on how long you should wait to get engaged. Is there an appropriate specific time to wait before getting engaged?

How Long Should You Wait To Get Engaged?

Mr B and I started chatting in September 2008, our first date was October 2008 and he proposed to me in December 2009. So we waited for foe around 15 months before getting engaged. Of course, the moment I set my eyes on Mr B on a bloody cold October day it was love at first sight. I think back now at how cheesy I was! In fact, I kind of moved him in with him within a week and the rest is history you say! Did you know that there is such a thing as pre-engagement counseling? ReGain explains more about it.

There are various opinions from experts suggesting that only you know when its the right time to get engaged. But in terms of time – a good average is one to two years of dating before the next step. Well Mr B and I are within that “average”.

Of course there will be family and friends with their own opinions:

“Oh isn’t that too quick?”

“Are you not engaged yet? Are you sure it will ever happen?”

We were engaged for quite a long time before getting married. But the reason for this was because we were saving up to buy a house first. We prioritised getting a house over the wedding to start with. That was more important to us. A wedding could happen anytime, but buying a house in the area we wanted to live in, wasn’t something we could afford to miss. Oh, and after the wedding we wanted children. Which we couldn’t afford when we got engaged!

Before you make the commitment of engagement, I think you need the time to get to know one another. You need to know if the man you intend to marry never picks his clothes up from the floor of the bedroom. Potentially you are going to have to live with this for decades!!!

I hope this post has helped you in some way, I love to share snippets of my life with Mr B!

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