6 Popular Engagement Ring Styles

Are you ready to start shopping for an engagement ring? Maybe the settings have you confused? Before you start shopping, here are a few engagement ring settings worth knowing about.

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  • Solitaire and Prong Settings

A prong setting is the most popular and classic setting for an engagement ring. The prong is the tiny metal claw that tightly grips the diamond and keeps it in place. The prongs can be pointed, V-shaped, rounded or flat, and most feature four or six prongs.

  • The Tiffany Setting

The famous Tiffany & Co. developed a six-prong solitaire setting way back in 1886. The setting was designed to maximize the light return on the diamond and today it is distinguished by the knife edge on the shaft as well as the arrangement of the prongs.

  • Bezel Setting

If you’re looking for Toronto engagement rings made to your own individual specification, consider a bezel setting. This is a popular choice amongst women for its modern style and suitability for active ladies. The setting encircles the centre stone with a thin metal rim that is custom-made to hold the diamond in place. This setting can either be partial or full. The full bezel will completely surround the stone and a partial setting will leave the sides open. It’s a fantastic choice for people looking for a ring that isn’t going to catch and will protect the stone.

  • Pave Setting

This setting comes from the French word, “to pave.” In other words, it is paved with diamonds. Small diamonds are set close together with very little visibility and the prongs or beads that hold the stones in their place. The result is a stunning sparkle. It is also known as a bead setting.

  • Halo Setting

A halo setting refers to how gemstones or diamonds are placed in a concentric circle or even a square around the main, centre stone. This setting makes the main stone look larger which is great if you want your smaller diamond to look bigger than it is. A halo setting also increases the sparkle of the engagement ring. You’ll find many jewellers offering a large selection of halo rings. You’ll also discover that a halo setting is a great option if you are on a budget and would prefer a smaller carat diamond without sacrificing the appearance of your ring. What’s more, you can add a halo of coloured gems to make for a gorgeous contrast of colours. Typically, halos are paired with pave bands.

  • Vintage/Antique Settings

Most of the vintage or antique settings are designed to suit a specific time period of jewellery and fashion, such as Victorian, Art Deco, and Edwardian styles. These rings typically feature fine details such as milgrain and filigree. Filigree is a delicate metalwork where tiny metal beads are soldered together or twisted threads of metal are soldered to the surface of the jewel. The milgrain engraving involves embellishment that is added to antique rings to make them look like antiques – it is those small balls of metal that decorate the sides of a band as well as the crown of the ring.


These are just 6 of the most popular engagement ring styles to choose from! If you want to find out more about engagement ring styles, why not check out this infographic from Berganza and find out more about rings.


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