Top European Islands for a Wonderful Family Friendly Holiday

The beauty of Europe will never cease to amaze many. It will always be in the long list of preferred traveling destinations in the world. This magical place offers a lot of attractions which makes it difficult to narrow the choices for that family tour you have been planning to do. So, to make things easier, we are suggesting a few of the most beautiful islands you might consider visiting.



Dubbed as the Island of the Sun, it is an interesting mix of natural landscapes, seas and mountains.

The island is perfect for families since it offers a great range of charming family – friendly accommodations like Sicilian villas scattered around the beaches where you can have a good swim in the clean sea. The rugged landscapes and mountains like Mount Etna offer many hiking tours for families and for the children to be immersed in nature. The island is surrounded by ancient temples and monuments, too, which give you the feel of their long culture and history. It has many markets, tourist spots and a unique cuisine that will totally make you fall in love with it.


Lanzarote in the Canaries offers a peaceful, quiet atmosphere away from the busy city. It allows you to take serene walks, a peaceful drive, swimming and even surfing. The local wine is a must try as well as the restaurants and bars that are surprisingly stylish and pleasing to the eyes. The beautiful creations of Cesar Manrique, a popular local artist, decorate the island which are also the main attractions. His creations depict the beautiful genealogy of the island and it gives you many places to visit while on tour.



This is a place for families who really love the water. The sunny climate allows swimming and surfing almost the whole calendar year. Since it has the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean, you can see the clarity of the sea and feel the freshness of the water on your skin. But, this island is more than just beaches – it has a rich history! The oldest stone buildings in the world can be found here! The legacy of the Knights of Malta is truly an architectural brilliance. It has medieval towns and temples that will fill your imagination of the past. The whole family will surely never forget a tour on this island!


This countryside is a must see. Its coastline is an endless scenic view for your eyes to feast on. It is also great for exploring the extraordinary agricultural landscapes on steep slopes. Spend a few hours at the center where the hotels are unlike the ones you usually see in the cities but equally luxurious and stylish. Experience its traditions and lively culture while exploring the neighborhoods and visiting the wineries. They have the best!


Crete in Greece is definitely in the list. Of course, the long and sandy beaches and the surrounding scenic spots are truly spectacular. A handful of fascinating museums, ruins, palaces and towns have stories to tell. You could also go hiking or simply walking around and taking in the view. When you leave, Crete will surely be in your memories.

Elegant, sophisticated and charming – these European islands will bring you to the most beautiful places on earth. Book that tour now and experience endless awe that is Europe!



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