Holiday Memories To Last A Lifetime

When you’ve been working for what seems like forever, it’s hard to fight the pull towards Googling holiday bargains. It’s not just the adults who need the holiday too, the kids feel that school just never ends and could do with a well-earned break.

If you’ve got teenagers, then you’re going to have to put in a little more work to get your holiday needs covered for everyone but even with younger children, finding that perfect family holiday can be almost as challenging as a day in the office.

Holiday Memories To Last A Lifetime

So how do you find a week or two away that ticks all the boxes and ensures that you’ll come back rested and raring to go?

We look at some top tips for choosing holidays that work for everyone, young and old.


It’s been said before but sometimes looking at solutions a little closer to home can pay dividends. Not only can you avoid the stress of flying, particularly challenging with young children, you can choose a new way of getting to your destination, whether by train or by hiring a car that gives you a little more luggage and leg space.

Think about what each of your family will need to have their best holiday. Do you have sporty, active kids or ones that would prefer a little downtime? This will help you decided if you want the holiday clubs and distractions of a resort or busy campsite or whether you need a quiet holiday house with lots of fun days out and plenty of space to play and relax.

Camping: either you love it or hate but if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative than a hotel or Airbnb then you can find something of a compromise with holiday chalets or even pre-erected tents that come complete with beds, refrigerators and even microwaves.

Make accommodation a priority

No matter where you are in the world, having the best accommodation is what makes a holiday work. If you need a villa with a pool then keeping an open mind on the country you want to visit will help you find a much wider range of choices.

Make a list of your must haves. Do you need to be isolated or within walking distance of bars and shops? How close do you want to be to a beach or water parks? Write it all down and conduct your searches accordingly.

Perhaps you’re a family that prefers an active break in which case look for something that includes the whole family. Perhaps a week cycling through France, staying at a variety of gites sounds like heaven. There are also plenty of companies that will help organise this for you.

Holiday Memories To Last A Lifetime -  cycling in Paris

You might even consider something new, like a diving holiday or hiking. As long as you can cater to the youngest member of your group, you’ll be making incredible holiday memories. Maybe even a yacht charter in Ibiza could be an option?

Budget breaks

For so many of us budget can be an issue and a holiday, at home or abroad, is simply out of the question. Perhaps other priorities have had to take the place of a break this year, such as a house renovation or sprucing up a bathroom with  These things happen and it doesn’t mean a week off work or school should be boring.

Take a good look at your surrounding area. How long has it been since you really made the most of your city or town? Not all urban areas have a lot going for them but with a little imagination and by harnessing the power of Google, a day spent on a treasure hunt or learning a new skill at your local outdoor leisure facility is a day well spent. Why not share the cost with another family?

Taking the odd day trip to a nearby town or heading out to the coast can be so much fun. Not much beats a day on the beach building sand castles, running away from the waves and finishing off with a giant ice-cream. Children so enjoy simple pleasures and might even welcome a break from screens to enjoy the thrill of paddling in the chill of the sea.

The Most Beautiful Beaches To Visit In Cornwall And Devon - St Ives

Family time is precious and is there to be enjoyed and experienced in all its forms, whether on the holiday of a lifetime or toasting marshmallows around a campfire. It’s a cliché of course but it’s who you’re with and not what you do that’s important. Take some time to plan a break that fits into your needs and budget and create memories that are sure to last a lifetime. One of the places I really want to visit is Austria, which is a part of the travel plans for blogger Captain Bobcat this year.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed this post and make many holiday memories in years to come.

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  1. Great post Rachel! You definitely don’t have to be rich to enjoy an amazing vacation. I love renting a boat just for 1 day and taking the family out!

  2. Lovely post – staycations are my favourite – love staying in a Caravan or apartment. Been to Butlins skegness and lots of Haven parks. Great fun x

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