ATV Riding Gear Guide for Women

Riding an ATV can be a lot of fun. You can race one around the track, take it for an adventure ride, use it for recreational transportation or ride it for a variety of other purposes. However, you want to be geared up properly with the best women’s ATV riding gear to keep yourself clean and protected. Below are a few tips on finding the right gear for your needs.

ATV Riding Gear Guide for Women


No matter what you are doing on your ATV, wear a helmet. The consequences of a head impact due to a crash are far too great to risk. Off-road helmets come in all sizes and styles. Getting the right size to fit you is almost as important to safety as wearing a helmet in the first place. If it slides around on your head, it isn’t going to offer much protection.

Off-road helmets for ATVs are different from regular street bike helmets. They have a visor to help keep dirt and debris out of your eyes. This visor also blocks the sun so that glare doesn’t reduce your visibility.

Generally, it is best to not wear an open-faced helmet on an ATV. It will be uncomfortable and unsafe due to how the vehicle moves. Additionally, there is a decent chance of getting a mouth full of mud with an open face helmet.

Gloves and Clothing

Again, you likely need special clothing for your ATV riding, especially if you are doing a lot of muddy off-roading. Even the best aftermarket motorcycle parts and accessories will be insufficient if they are designed for street use.

Get a well-fitting and waterproof jacket to wear. ATV jackets offer special ventilation so that you can comfortably wear them in a variety of temperatures. Simply zip up or unzip the vents to match your needs. They also provide useful storage pockets.

ATV gloves provide extra protection for the outside of your hands as well as gripped palms and fingers to help you stay in control. Buying purpose-designed ATV gloves is almost as important as getting a proper off-road helmet. They will give you the control you need to stay safe. Consider Thor Women’s Spectrum Gloves or Alpinestars Limited Edition Battle Born Gloves.


The right pair of boots can help keep your feet dry and comfortable while you are off-roading. These are especially important if you are riding in muddy areas or racing. Again, a correct fit will help to keep you safe.

Consider Thor Women’s Blitz Boots or O’Neal Women’s Rider Boots. Both of these options will do a great job of protecting your feet and helping you stay comfortable even on long rides. Mud-drenched socks and shoes are the last things you want on an ATV ride.

Gear Up

Taking that ATV or motorcycle for a ride can be a lot of fun. However, it is a lot less fun if you aren’t properly prepared. So, gear up today and grab all the ATV and off-road OEM motorcycle parts and accessories you need. When you return from your ride safe and dry, you’ll be glad you did.

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