Half Term With Sky Ocean Rescue – Dive In & Do It

It’s half term! Why not have some fun with Sky Ocean Rescue – Dive In & Do It?

Everyday we use single use plastic items such as plastic bottles, straws, coffee stirrers, plastic bags and food containers. These are items that are only used once then thrown away. These pose a threat to the sea and ocean life. It’s not only an issue that affects adults but kids too. Living in Cornwall with many beaches around, I see plastic bottles and tops many a time washed up on the beaches.

plastic pollution on the beach

This is why Sky has launched a 12-episode series, Sky Ocean Rescue – Dive In & Do It, which introduces kids to the issues surrounding plastics and discusses the problems they pose for our oceans and sea life.

Each episode suggests tips and life hacks for kids to dive in and reduce their use of single use plastics in a fun, interactive way. Ideal for activities this half term to keep them busy and beyond.

Ways to reduce single use plastics can include things like using a reusable bag instead of plastic bags. Use a reusable water bottle and paper straws. Ideas like these will help reduce the need of single use plastics and our reliance on them.

Sky Ocean Rescue – Dive In & Do It

Every episode is presented by Paddy, Reis, 9-year-old Ynez and an animated turtle called Logey. Who you can see in the picture above. Logey persuades young viewers that, if we all make small steps, we can make a big difference in reducing our use of single use plastics.

You can catch the Sky Ocean Rescue – Dive In & Do It 12 episode series over on all the Sky platforms including Q, +, Kids App, Go & NOW TV from 28 May. So why not head over and see what fun is to be had!


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