Baby Diaries #2 – Baby Dottie’s 1 Month Update

Here we are at baby dottie’s 1 month update. It’s hard to believe she’s been with us over a month now, yes I’m a little late with this update! It feels like she’s always been with us.

Baby dottie only lost 5% of her birth weight in those first few days. Unlike baby girl who lost over  10%. I put this down to myself being more experienced with breastfeeding this time around plus my milk came in quicker. We never got her red book until she was nearly 2 weeks old, bloody health visitors!

baby diaries #2 - 1 month update

When the health visitor came around to do her checks she was such a busy body. Baby girl got on her nerves a bit as she wouldn’t stay quiet while she did baby dottie’s hearing test! What do you expect from a 2 year old?

She was in my living room for over an hour doing checks and asking all sorts of questions. On things like domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, healthy eating and what not. I did say to her I never got asked these things with baby girl when I was a first time mum and properly scared. It was a terrible lack of support I had back then. I was so glad to get rid of her this time.

Baby dotties first month has been tough. She’s struggled with wind and a little reflux, and we are now at the stage where she could be lactose intolerant. She’s had smelly farts, baby acne, lots and lots of hiccups (which we call pops) and has settled into pooping only every 4-5 days.

She was on infacol until recently when we switched to gripe water. Which has been helping out loads to settle her tummy and bring up all the trapped wind.

Baby dottie just like her older sister is a boobie monster. She loves nothing but to latch on and feed constantly. Morning, noon and night! I have to make sure I sit her upright after her feeds otherwise she brings it all back up.

This week when I will be back driving I can finally get her weighed. I know she’s been putting on lots of weight as we are in size 2 nappies already, she’s got gorgeous squishy fat rolls on her thighs and is in some 3-6 month clothes already. She’s another long girlie like her sister.

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