The Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game Review

During my hunt on Twitter for items to add to my Christmas Gift Guide list, the lovely people at Gotrovo contacted me asking if I would like to review their treasure hunt game.

Ever since I was a kid I have loved treasure hunts. you could always find me and my older sister out hunting for treasures as kids around the old rough mine areas where we lived. We used to find old bits of pottery, old coins and pieces of fool’s gold.

So you can imagine the big kid inside me getting all excited over the chance to review a treasure hunt game!

the gotrovo game review - Rachel Bustin

So What Is Gotrovo?

Gotrovo is a family treasure hunt game suitable for ages 3-8 years old and 1 or more players. The objective of the game is to follow a trail of clues to reach the treasure at the end. You collect gold coins as you go.

The players follow a trail of picture, word, riddle or role play clues. When they find the clue cards they have to stick them to the treasure map and collect the gold coins at the same time. The end of the game is reached when the player finds the gold bar at the end of the trail.

Gotrovo treasure map with clue cards, gold coins nad gold treasure bar - Rachel Bustin

What’s Included?

  • Double sided treasure map
  • Small sheet of sticky dots
  • 100 clue cards
  • Large sheet of sticky dots
  • Loot bag containing 10 gold coins
  • Gold treasure bar

There is a step that you have to do to set up the game before you lay the trail for the players for the first time. That is to stick all the dots from the small sheet onto numbers 1-10 on both sides of the treasure map, using 20 sticky dots in total. Then you have to stick all the dots from the large sheet onto the backs of all the 100 clue cards. This is the only part of Gotrovo that I found a little tedious. But once this is all done you are good to go time after time!

Gotrovo sticky dots - Rachel Bustin

The contents of the game are of great quality. The map arrives rolled up with a little band around it and is very strong and hard-wearing. It feels like it can take a bit of a knocking around and dropping on the floor so it’s perfect for outside use. I love the gold treasure bar that is also a box for popping a few treats or a toy in as a prize at the end of the treasure hunt. Who doesn’t love a loot bag with golden coins in?

The Gotrovo Treasure Hunt Game - Rachel Bustin

 Different Ways To Play

Depending on the age of the child/children playing there are  few different ways to play. The simplest way to play the game is by just using the picture clues for the trail. This is great for 3 year olds. For ages 4-5 you can lay the word cards for the trail. Perfect for those early readers. At ages 5+ the riddle clue cards can be used, then you also have the blank cards to create your own clues.

The clue cards are colour coded. So the red cards are for outdoor trails. Blue indoor, green outside or indoor and gold for role-playing or making up your own clues.

I think this is fantastic for kids, because if it’s a rainy day outside, they can still go on a little treasure hunt inside. This also makes it a great Christmas Gift so the treasure hunt can be played inside at the colder times of the year.

Oh and please keep an eye out for my Christmas Gift guide post coming out next month which will include a review of the Gotrovo mini – a perfect stocking filler gift!

The Gotrovo Game Set - Rachel Bustin

Once the adults have laid the trail it’s fun to watch the little ones scurrying off trying to solve the clues. It’s a great fun game for all. It can be played at children’s parties or just with a few friends when they come over.

The Gotrovo has won an award for best party game at My Family Magazine 2015. I can really see why. It’s fun and exciting as well as educational. You can also pick up card expansion packs over on the Gotrovo website, which will keep your game fresh for the little ones.

Why not join in the #GotrovoFun

Do your children love to go on treasure hunts? Would they find this game exciting?

I love to hear your comments.


*I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always.


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