30 Fun Activities For Kids In The Garden

I’m always thinking of fun activities for kids in the garden. I try not to let them watch too much TV and get out in the fresh air. I grew up outside on my parent’s smallholding and out in our enormous garden, and it was the best times. We learned to make dens, jump in muddy puddles, climb trees, build our own swing and so much more.

30 Fun Activities For Kids In The Garden

It’s important for children to get outside for their development. They can learn about the natural environment all around them. More opportunities for exercise and sun exposure to make vitamin D, which in turn helps with bone development and the immune system.

So I’ve brainstormed a few ideas for fun activities outside for the kids. It’s now made me want to do these things with my girls, although some are still a little old for them.

Some of these activities are fine to do when it’s raining although you may need a girls or boys waterproof jacket to keep dry.

  1. Chalk writing on the patio
  2. Rock Painting
  3. Give them a bucket of water and a paintbrush and get them to paint the fence
  4. Hula Hoop contest and throw bean bags into the hoop
  5. Plant a mini garden for them, teaching them about growing and watering plants.
  6. Picnic and tea parties on the lawn
  7. Build a fairy house
  8. Make mud pies – add water and mud into buckets
  9. Make collages from leaves and twigs found in the garden
  10. Water table
  11. Sandpit
  12. Bike riding
  13. Make bird feeders for the garden
  14. Have a garden toy car wash
  15. Wash the car
  16. Dig a pit
  17. Play catch – use water balloons on a hot day
  18. Build a tent from blankets and chairs
  19. Read in the shade
  20. Lie on your back and look up at the clouds – find shapes and dream
  21. Start a compost heap
  22. Build daisy chains
  23. Paint pine cones
  24. Make a nature mobile – cross two sticks over each other to make a cross. Use a thread to hang leaves, shells or feathers from it.
  25. Bubbles
  26. Draw hopscotch on the patio with chalk
  27. Walk barefoot around the grass
  28. Play with the dog
  29. Turn your garden into an obstacle course
  30. Play leaf bingo – find 10 different leaves and identify them.
watering plants

I hope this list of fun activities for the kids in the garden will keep you busy over the Summer. If you are around Sevenoaks in Kent, and it’s raining! (typical British Summer weather!) Check out these rainy day activities from The incidental Parent.

Looking for summer activities with the kids, check out these tips.

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  1. Being brought up myself on a farm, i was always outside, didnt matter what the weather, and so i love to get the children out and about, dont think a bit of rain can stop anything as longs as they are wrapped up and warm

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