Oak Furniture Wish List For a New Home

Moving into a new home was a very special time for us. We finally had worked our socks off to afford a gorgeous 3 bed detached house with a rather large garden. Much better than the 3 storey town house built into a hill we moved from. Anyway we love proper wood furniture, the sturdy robust type that will last forever and worth spending those extra pennies on.

I love a blank room to plan from, this is what one end of the living room looked like before the movers arrived. It doesn’t look like that now of course – it’s missing baby girl’s toys! But you have an idea of the space.

New Home Living Room

To help us decide the kind of wooden furniture we would want in our new home. I have put together an Oak Furniture Wish List. You know from previous posts that I do love to create wish lists and mood boards when I’m deciding on decorating.

Oak Furniture Wish List

We have a rather large TV so on piece of furniture on the wish list would be a widescreen TV unit, like this one from Oak Furniture King

The good thing about the furniture from Oak Furniture King is that is’t not mass produced and in fact this TV unit would be delivered as it is, no assembly required! Isn’t that great?

Oak Furniture King - TV Stand

Oak furniture offers longevity and durability and I love that it can last for ages and ages and can be passed down the future generations so you really do get value for money.

A coffee table is always a good idea for the living room, although with an adventurous 18 month old, I would need to be careful with the sharp corners. This one is rather nice though, love it’s chunky design!

Oak Furniture King -Coffee Table

I grew up in a traditional farm life country home and my parents used to love dressers and sideboards, so I would want some kind of sideboard in my home, perhaps in the hallway.

Oak Furniture King - Sideboard

I think to finish off the down stairs it would be great to have a family dining table in the kitchen diner. That’s one feature I love adore about my new home is that I have a kitchen diner now. It’s much more sociable and family friendly.

Oak Furniture King - Dining Table

All of the oak furniture I have chosen for my wish list are from the Kuba collection at Oak Furniture King.

Oak Furniture King - Dining table and chairs

I love the chunky look to each piece in the collection, they have a modern feel yet classy look. Handcrafted from the finest oak timbers gives you a piece of mind knowing it will last for ever.

I hope you have enjoyed my oak furniture wish list, I have only done the downstairs for my new home so far and I’m sure there is plenty more to look at for upstairs!


Are you a fan of the oak furniture look?

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**All images taken from Oak Furniture King with permission**

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12 thoughts on “Oak Furniture Wish List For a New Home

  1. We always had hand me down furniture from family (and was very grateful for it) but last year bought our very 1st new to us dining table, chairs and sideboard in pine and I adore them!!

  2. I absolutely love Oak furniture, that’s what we have in our bedroom dark oak and it just looks so timeless. I want to save up for more of it for the lounge next, it’s an investment as it lasts so long I reckon.

    Stevie x

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