How to inject more personality into your property

Often, when you first move into a property, you’ve got something akin to a blank canvas on which, to continue the art metaphor, you can let yourself loose with some of your own painting.

Making your home look more like yours could involve literally painting, though there are various other means by which you could visually revamp the residence.

Here are some examples of how you could help make the house a better reflection of your own personality.

Impress with your “opening statement”

What’s the scene that people first see upon entering your property? You should take this into account as you look for ideas of what to place in view of anyone who passes through your front door. What you should primarily aim to do here is provide an immediate glimpse of your character.

 How to inject more personality into your property

In an article for The Washington Post, fashion blogger Candace Ourisman hails her own “graphic wallpapered dining room”, which is “the first thing you see when you enter our house.”

Display pieces that reflect your passions

Naturally, you want to preserve the positivity that your visitors garner from first impressions. Therefore, you should carefully consider what you are passionate about and then place, on clear display in various parts of the house, pieces which shed trickles of light on those interests.

For example, if you are a history buff, you could display some Lego reconstructions of historical scenes that especially intrigue you. These models’ quirkiness could spark fun conversations.

Be hospitable – in your own way

Of course, it’s generous to leave out some nibbles for guests to enjoy during visits, however brief, to your house. Still, you should probably choose some food that you personally love; you shouldn’t just consider your possible guests’ preferences.

So, if you love M&Ms, feel free to put out a bowl of them. After all, these button-shaped chocolates are commonly liked, making them a relatively safe bet.

 How to inject more personality into your property

Make creative use of lighting

You could be surprised by how much certain parts of your residence change in appearance when you experiment with the lighting. It’s possible to “make a naturally dark environment light or a bright environment very dramatic”, as Country & Town House notes.

The light you provide doesn’t have to be from an artificial source. Lantern roofs can convert the ceilings of conservatories into what are effectively additional windows through which sunlight can fall. Bifold Shop offers lantern roofs that are also free of clunky bars or supports.

Make the home feel cosy and welcoming

Who doesn’t want to feel warmly welcomed whenever they return home? You can still enjoy that if you live alone. The Resident cites an enlightening example of a city centre apartment that interior designer Caroline Milns worked on for its sole resident, a single professional man.

 How to inject more personality into your property

Milns recalls the owner’s wish for “a cool pad where he could entertain his friends, but that would eventually be soft and feminine enough for a future partner to share.” Your own personality could influence all such aspects of a residence.

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