How to Design a Toddlers Bedroom

How hard is it to design a toddlers bedroom?

In our old house we decorated the nursery before baby girl arrived. When we moved into our new house we didn’t think much about her bedroom to begin with as we had the whole house to sort out. Plus she spends more time in our bed in our room than her own.

Now that baby dottie is here we are thinking about designing our second largest bedroom for them to share. I grew up sharing a bedroom with my sister and loved all the fun times we had together. I would love my girls to have the same experience we did.

How to Design a Toddlers Bedroom

The furniture we have in their bedroom at the moment includes a toddler bed, a cot, a small wardrobe and a couple of small chairs. We are looking to get a chest of drawers for the room for their clothes to start with.

So what else needs to be in a toddlers bedroom? It’s best to plan beforehand to save money and avoid going over budget.

  • Storage – ah yes! Somewhere to store all their toys.
  • Wall decorations – Wonderful children’s wallpaper murals would be a great finish to the walls. Bright colourful and inspiring.
  • Playhouse – I love the little teepee’s that kids can play in. They draw a focal point to the room.
  • Pictures and frames – We reviewed this gorgeous Nursery Owl Print last year which has gone up on the wall for baby girl. I need to get something similar for baby dottie.

Other things to think about are, do you want it to have a theme? Personally I’m not keen on themes, I’d rather just add little decorative touches when I see fit. Fitting in with a theme – are you having a colour scheme? What fabrics and carpets would you like?

It’s of utmost importance that you consider your children’s safety when designing their bedroom, especially when it comes to window blind cords and moveable furniture that can tip over. I prefer to stay away from blinds with cords and fasten the furniture safely to the wall.


Well there are lots to think about when designing a toddlers bedroom.

What would you like your toddlers bedroom to look like?

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  1. This is really helpful, thanks. We are in the process of planning our redesign of J’s bedroom. We are looking for wall decals and prints. Thanks.

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