Where To Use Toughened Glass In The Home

Glass has so many uses, from wine glasses, jars and vases to window panes and shower screens. But toughened glass is much more important for safety around the home. So today I’m going to talk about where to use toughened glass in the home. For safety purposes as well as for its aesthetic properties.

Where To Use Toughened Glass In The Home - doors
Where To Use Toughened Glass In The Home – Doors

With the ongoing renovation of my mum’s old miner’s cottage, I’m learning more and more about the building industry. If you remember last year the first thing we did was to replace the single pane glass windows with double glazing ones.

The safety purpose

Toughened glass around the home is vitally important for safety. It’s used in window panes and doors for homes and businesses. It must be safety toughened glass if the bottom of the glazing is within 800mm of the floor level. So basically if the glass can come in contact with your body it must be toughened glass. Toughened glass is designed to take an impact without shattering. But if must shatter into thousands of tiny pieces it should break. To protect you from cuts. This is also true for car windows.

Where To Use Toughened Glass In The Home
Toughened Glass In The Home

Aesthetic properties of toughened glass

Where can I use toughened glass around the home? Well, you obviously need to use it for internal glass doors, and shower cubicles and screens. But it can also be used as kitchen splashbacks. It can stand heat sources so it’s popular as a splashback behind the hob and of course easy to clean there.

Years back when we visited Toronto we went up to the top of the CN tower and I vividly remember standing on a glass floor looking way far down below. I don’t think I could have a glass floor in my house, but if it’s something you would like for your landing, it’s possible with toughened glass. You could even have use this type of glass for the balustrade and top of the landing for a modern clean look in your home.

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