What Are The House Exterior Trends For 2021?

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During the lockdown, a lot of the nation worked from home. In fact, it’s now becoming the new normal. We have all had to make space at home for a home office. I turned our spare room into a lovely working area, but Mr B now has this for his own office. With lots of phone calls and virtual meetings, he needs peace and quiet. Which now means I’m nudged to the sofa! Working from home can be tricky, if you don’t have a spare room to turn into a home office you will have to find space elsewhere. If you can’t afford to move, you might be thinking of an extension, like a conservatory, or even building a home office down the bottom of the garden. As you know I love houses and trends in the market. My idea of fun in the evening is browsing Zoopla or Rightmove dreaming of winning the lottery to buy the dream home!

What Are The House Exterior Trends For 2021 - conservatory

Seriously though, I think we will see many people opting for updating their home over the next few months to make it viable to work from home. With space away from the living areas. Knowing you can close that door at the end of the working day is better for your mental health. Plus it may be better to invest in updating your home to add value instead of moving.

So what can we predict for the house exterior trends for 2021 that will be popular? What will people be doing to the outside of their homes? What things will people be researching to give their home a lift? Here are some predictions that may be worth looking at.

Replacing Windows

Updating your windows will help increase the value of your home. A couple of years back I was helping my mum to renovate her old miner’s cottage. It had old style small wood windows that needed replacing. We had to order bespoke double glazed windows to fit. Not only do they look brilliant now, but they also help to save energy by keeping the heat inside. I did hear about a black window frame trend on the rise to complement white siding if you have this on your house.

What Are The House Exterior Trends For 2021 - conservatory

Conservatory and Extension

If you are looking for more living space, a conservatory may be right for you. It’s something we have been thinking about for a while. The extra space to set up a desk to work from would be good, and somewhere to move the dining table.

Having an extension built can sometimes cost less than upgrading to a bigger home. Plus it will add value to your home without the stress of selling and buying a new home.

Lantern Roof and Orangery

If your house is suitable, having a lantern roof installed is a great option for gaining extra light into your home while making it feel more spacious. If you are not sure of having a conservatory built, a great alternative is an orangery. They are both similar in size. But where a conservatory is a fully glazed structure with a low brick base, and a glazed pitched roof, an orangery is brick-based structure with large windows and a flat roof with a glass lantern roof.

Garden Office

I think we will see lots more garden offices popping up in homes. A relaxing space at the top or bottom of your garden to work in will be a winner. Arranging for electricity to be installed so you can keep warm in winter is a must.

coloured houses

House Exterior Colour Trends

White will always be the most popular colour for a house. Team it with a bright coloured front door and you will be onto a winner. In our local area, there are many new build houses painted pastel shades to mimic the seaside landscape. It’s actually really pretty!

What house exterior trends do you think will be popular this coming year? Do you have a home office or are planning on setting one up?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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      1. Trends / Fashion for Housing Exterior/s :- Garden Office may be one given the amount of ‘Working from Home ‘ that has occurred this year. Caused by Coronavirus / covid 19 Pandemic Regulations. The trend may become a popular one :- Given that it has been mentioned that many people have come to prefer ‘Working from Home ‘ and would like the opportunity to continue to do so in the long term / permanently.

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