The Secrets to Enjoying Your Home During the Summer

Given the climate here in the UK, most of us homeowners are usually pretty good at ensuring that our properties are well-equipped to enjoy the autumn and winter. Yet while those “cosy days at home” may make up 70% of the year, let’s not forget that we do get many weeks of sunshine each year — and in some years, those weeks can turn into months. So it’s worthwhile setting up your home so that you’re able to enjoy the spring and summer months at home to the max. Here’s how you do it.

The Secrets to Enjoying Your Home During the Summer

Light and Breezy

There’s nothing better than waking up, looking outside, and seeing that it’s another beautiful day that’s just waiting to be enjoyed to the fullest. While you’ll ideally spend the bulk of the day in the garden, there’ll always be those things that we need to do in the house. So let’s work on bringing the beautiful weather outside into our home. The first step is to ensure that the sun’s rays can find their way into your home. If your home is darker than it should be, then look at making some changes. Switching out the windows so that light can pour in (old and faded ones will block light) will be a good start. You may also want to add windows that can open wide, so the cool and fresh breeze can enter the house. It’s a lovely sensation. 

Looking Good 

And now to the garden. How’s it looking? If it’s been some time since you worked on it, look at getting started. Making a garden presentable doesn’t require all that much work; a little bit of elbow grease can go a long way. Look at getting some plants in the ground and feeding the grass, so you have a lovely and lush lawn. If you’re feeling ambitious, then a water feature can be a game-changing addition to your yard. There’s just nothing like enjoying a morning cup of coffee to the sound of running water. 

Add the Comfort

Making your garden presentable is one thing, but it’s not like you’re just going to admire your outdoor space from afar. You’ll want to get in there and enjoy it first hand. So look at adding high-quality garden furniture. A garden lounger chair will allow you to spend many relaxed hours soaking up the sun’s rays, without leaving your property. Be sure to add a garden table and chair set too so you can host BBQs for your loved ones.

Make it Private

You’ll enjoy spending long hours in the garden much more if you don’t have that nagging “I’m on display” feeling. Even if no-one is looking, it can be a little annoying to think that neighbors can see into your garden! This is a problem that’s easily solved, however. Look at adding a fence, hedge, and a couple of tall trees, and you’ll have a lovely enclosed space that feels like your own private oasis, far away from the mania of the outside world.

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