Smart Thermostats – The Wise Choice

In any home with central heating or air conditioning, the thermostat is a crucial part of the system. This seemingly insignificant device allows users to control temperatures, making sure the climate never gets too hot or cold. Whether the temperature is set with a dial or an LCD screen, it’s very easy to take this little box on the wall for granted as the season’s change. When your thermostat goes wrong and needs to be repaired, you’ll be very aware of its importance, especially in the depths of winter or the burning heat in the height of summer.

You might think that the thermostat is a relatively modern device, but the first example was invented in the 17th century. Since those early days, these temperature-controlling devices have enjoyed great advancement from simple, iconic dials to more complex, programmable, digital displays that have been popular during the last few decades. However, the newest technological revolution in HVAC is the development of smart thermostats. 

Smart thermostats, such as those available at E. Smith Heating and Air Conditioning, use a Wi-Fi connection. Within the home, they can be controlled by voice and can be adjusted remotely by smartphone or tablet from almost anywhere. Turn up the heat or air conditioning on your way home from work so the climate will be at the ideal temperature when you arrive. The system shows the details of your energy consumption and by making small adjustments you can save money which makes a smart thermostat a wise investment. 

Smart Thermostats

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