New Ways To Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

House-fatigue can be a very real complaint and it is something so many of us suffered from in 2020. The combination of spending much more time in our homes coupled with an excess of spare time encouraged us all to take a bit more notice of our surroundings. Despite the lockdown, many of the DIY retailers were able to operate online which allowed us to continue shopping and improving our interiors. This industry in particular saw a rather large boom which was great to see in such difficult times. 

New Ways To Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

So if you are one of the late adopters wanting to give their home a fresh new look at the start of a new year, take a look at our tips on how to achieve this with ease.

Change your internal doors

Perhaps not a piece of advice you hear often when it comes to interiors but you would be amazed at the difference new doors can make to your home. And these days, there is no need to stick with the ordinary; there are a multitude of options available. From classic to contemporary and even period doors, they will update the space and have a greater impact than you realise. Georgian doors, for example, are stylish and even fashionable, but thanks to their perennial popularity, will never date in your home so are a great option. 

Bring the outdoors indoors

Plants have featured in houses for many years so there is nothing particularly new about this. However, there are new ways of using plants to your advantage. For example, you can create a whole area with many different types of plant in a sort of indoor woodland area. Feature pieces such as a terrarium of succulents will also look modern or you can even create a whole indoor garden area to be ultra-chic. The benefits of plants are not just aesthetic either, they can improve the ambience and even your health

Seasonal accessories

We often decorate a room in a way we like and leave it at that until we want a change. But have you ever considered having a couple of sets of accessories that you can swap out as the seasons change with your modern furniture? These can be items such as cushions or throws in the lounge, maybe some pictures or other items such as vases or ornaments. This will allow your home to reflect the seasons – think pastels for spring, bold colours for summer, oranges, russets and browns for autumn and deep jewel colours for winter. Your home will have a permanently fresh look as you rotate through these items and it won’t cost the earth either! 

Giving your home a fresh new look can be easier than you think with a few carefully planned changes. Thanks to the internet, they don’t need to cost the earth either and you’ll be able to browse the largest shop window in the world from the comfort your own sofa! So why hesitate any longer – start making your changes today. 

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