What’s the Best Live Entertainment for Your Next Virtual Event?

From business conferences to fan conventions to fundraisers, more and more public events are going virtual due to the ongoing pandemic. That’s a good thing, as it allows us to interact and have fun while staying safe. But it can make live entertainment a tricky prospect. That’s why we’ve put together the following list of awesome ideas sure to make your next virtual event unforgettable.

What’s the Best Live Entertainment for Your Next Virtual Event?

Video Theater

Entertaining via livestream might seem limiting, but it actually opens up all kinds of creative doors capable of yielding truly unique results. For example, look at acting. The line between live theater and television has never been thinner than in the COVID-19 era. All you need to stream a scene is a good script, some talented actors, and a camera.

“What if there aren’t enough actors near me?” you ask. Then get the viewers involved! You can give one or more audience members—perhaps contest or raffle winners—a copy of the script and a small role to play, so they can participate in the unraveling narrative themselves. Don’t have a script? Try improv comedy instead.

Interactive Magic

The great thing about live entertainment is that it’s just that: live. Pre-recorded performances are fine, but we all know they can be edited and altered in all kinds of ways. Something happening right now, before your very eyes, is always going to be more exciting than something filmed earlier. And no form of entertainment impresses in a live setting quite like magic.

While larger spectacles are harder to pull off in a virtual setting, there are two forms of magic that were practically made for it: mentalism and card tricks. The first involves a performer interacting directly with individual audience members in order to “read their minds,” while the second is all a matter of fast hands and pure skill.

Trivia Games

Want to up the interactivity ante? Why not turn your video conference call into a full-blown game show? You or someone else can be the host, challenging your chosen participants to answer tricky trivia questions. Make them work individually or in teams. Devise an interesting point system or a fun set of rules. There are a thousand and one variations on the game show theme, and almost all of them work just as well with faces on a screen as they do with bodies on a stage.

The best part about this option is that it turns the audience itself into the stars of the show, not just supporting players. That reduces the cost of having to hire multiple performers. Just make sure you put some of that money you’re saving into worthwhile prizes. No one wants to compete for junk.

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