How To Protect Your Home While Away On Holiday

I always worry about our home when we are away. My home is our safe space and I can’t bear to think about someone breaking in, rummaging through our belongings and taking things that aren’t theirs. I’m always looking for new ways to protect your home while away on holiday.

someone breaking in, rummaging through our belongings and taking things that aren’t theirs.

I’ve got first experience of seeing the after effects of being burgled. A while back my Aunt’s house was broken into. Funnily enough she was at our house when this happened. Her routine was like clockwork, so we believe the burglar was watching her house and seeing her go about her daily life. She always came to ours at the same time and on the same evening each week. The police was called, they took a statement and sent out a forensics team to take fingerprints around the damaged window and door. They took her rings and other jewellery. It wasn’t what they took as such, it was the fact that her own safe space was invaded. That upset her the most.

Only recently I heard in our local news that there were a couple of men, casing out properties in a local estate. One was ringing the doorbell offering a service, while the other man had got in the back gardens somehow and was trying to get in the back doors. It’s a scary situation to be in. That’s why I plan on doing everything I can to protect our home when we go away on holiday.

Last Summer my husband and I were in bed when we heard some voices outside. In front of our house is a public pathway leading into town. It’s a quiet path that is used mainly by dog walkers during the day. Anyhow one night we heard a couple of men outside appearing to be drunk. One walked off and the other fell asleep snoring in our garden. He had fallen over and squashed the bushes on the garden border. With two young babies in the house I was pretty scared. We made the decision after this to have a fence put up around our front garden perimeter as another form of protection to protect our family and home.

How To Protect Your Home While Away On Holiday

Tips to Protect Your Home While Away on Holiday

The following are tips on ways to protect your home while away. Some of them you may not have thought were relevant.

  • Keep up with home maintenance – You may be thinking what? The way I see it, is if your home is tidy, looked after, grass regularly mown by the gardener potential burglars will not know the owners are away. In Winter, if there is snow on the ground get a neighbour to have a walk around your house so they leave footprints suggesting people are at home.
  • Get your mail put on hold – Don’t let your mail pile up, apply to have your mail kept at the sorting office until you are back from holiday. This way your home and identity will be kept safe, giving you a peace of mind.
pile of mail
  • Install a home alarm system – Protect your home with a security system that will not only deter potential burglars but give you peace of mind.
  • Leave a key with a family member or friend – They can pop over and pick up any leaflets, water the plants and just check everything out for you. They can also open and close your curtains for you. There has always been the big question about going away on curtains. Do you leave them open or closed? It’s tricky to answer, so best get someone in to open and close them!
  • Keep a low profile on social media – As a blogger sometimes this can be tricky to do especially if you are on a press trip covering an event. But there are ways to protect your home. Ensure your address isn’t visible, or readily available to anyone searching for it. I set up a free PO Box address for my business so my address isn’t public to protect my home and family.
  • Invest in a home safe – Lock your valuables and identity documents away in a Fast Keys safe. If you cannot afford a safe, how about putting them somewhere unusual in a spare container.
  • Please don’t hide a key – Avoid hiding your spare key outside, under the doormat or in a flowerpot. Most seasoned burglars will know exactly where to look. You could give the spare key to the family member or neighbour or invest in a police accredited keysafe
  • Lower the ringtone on your home phone – If the burglar happens to know your landline number, you won’t want them to hear the phone ringing with no one to pick it up.

Well there you have it, eight ways on how to protect your home while away on holiday. I hope these tips will help you to secure your home against unwanted guests and to make you feel more easier about leaving your home so you can enjoy your holiday.

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5 thoughts on “How To Protect Your Home While Away On Holiday

  1. Great tips, I have never thought to stop mail while away, we are lucky enough to live in a maisonette so our downstairs area is on the 2nd floor and bedrooms are on 3rd, we live above a chip shop and our only entrance is facing neighbours/friends windows who can keep an eye for us xx

  2. Some great tips here, another one is to get some timers and set lights to go on and off at different times – each timer can be set for different times each day now.

  3. So true, and handy tips. I couldn’t agree more with social media. It always worries me when people show a count down of their looming holiday and then check in to the airport to say they are going away. I just think everyone can see that including potential burglars. I must say I never thought about the post, which is pretty obvious sign when they just walk up to the front door.

  4. Many thanks for the home safety tips. I get so anxious when im on holiday about my home. it’s always good to have a plan in place such as family checking the house and alarms for peace of mind. we have also recently got a doorbell with a wifi camera in so we can see whos at the door. x

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