How To Make Vacuuming Easier and Fun!

Many of us find vacuuming to be a chore. If you’ve got kids or pets, you could find yourself spending huge amounts of time vacuuming. Here are a few ways in which you can make vacuuming easier and fun!

How To Make Vacuuming Easier and Fun!

Upgrade your vacuum cleaner

If you’ve got an old cheap vacuum cleaner, the task of vacuuming is likely to be a lot harder. Modern machines have much better suction and maneuverability. Bagless hoovers can meanwhile be easier to empty. While some people prefer handheld hoovers, others prefer pull-along vacuum cleaners – consider which is the best style for you. You could even consider a robot vacuum that cleans your floor for you! Do your research to find the best vacuum within your budget.

Upgrade your flooring

You could also make vacuuming easier by upgrading your flooring. Thick pile carpets can be a nuisance to clean. Switching to a short pile carpet could make vacuuming a lot easier. Alternatively, you could switch to a wooden floor, which you may be able to sweep and mop instead of vacuuming. As for laying down rugs, consider opting for rugs that can also be easily vaccumed. While thick rugs can be cosy to sink one’s feet into, they can be hard work to hoover. 

Cull the clutter

Having lots of clutter in your home will make vacuuming more difficult. This is particularly the case with clutter that takes up floor space. Take the time to declutter your home so that there aren’t any unnecessary items to clean around. Make sure that you have containers for keeping toys or shoes in instead of keeping them on the floor. 

Use an extension cable

Using an extension cable could allow you to get more range out of your vacuum cleaner. By finding a central socket, you may then be able to clean your whole home without having to unplug it and replug it elsewhere. This could take a lot of the hassle out of cleaning. A long wind-up extension cable could be perfect for the job.

Put legs and castors on furniture

Putting furniture on legs allows you to more easily clean beneath it without moving it. Castors meanwhile make it easier to move furniture so that you don’t have to drag furniture out. Consider whether it’s worth making these alterations to make cleaning easier. You may be able to buy furniture that already has legs or castors, instead of having to add these to furniture.

Listen to music!

It’s always fun to put on a loud tune and dance around while vacuuming! Exercise and a clean home all in one!

Turn cleaning into a workout

Alternatively, you could embrace vacuuming as a strenuous activity. Vacuuming could in fact be doubled up as exercise – having to move furniture can be a great form of heavy lifting, while you can incorporate lunges and squats into your cleaning to turn it into a full bodywork. This could make vacuuming more rewarding – you’ll not only be cleaning your home but improving your general fitness as you’re doing it. There may be other cleaning tasks in your home that can also be turned into a workout. Making vacuuming easier and fun means it doesn’t have to be a chore! 

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