Here Are The Autumn Winter Home Decor Trends 2021/22

It’s always good to get ahead when planning your Autumn Winter home decor. Once the Summer holidays are over, Autumn is knocking at the door imminently. That said, as you know from my previous trends posts, I love to share with you the upcoming trends so you can get stuck into your planning over the Summer.

Home design trends for Autumn Winter 2020

Key Interior Design Trends Autumn Winter 2021/22

If you are planning your next interior design project, you might want to consider these key ideas to be on-trend. If you have a budget to stick to, you need to shop around for the best interior deals without compromising on your ideas.

Soft beige furniture is right on trend for this coming fall. Fabrics and textures include bouclé. This texture is a new one on me! Basically, think back to the soft teddy bear you had as a child, well this new fabric bouclé is teddy bear cozy, just like your favorite bear.

We have all loved the Scandi trend over the last few years. Now it’s back with a bold colourful makeover. Scandi is now in bold primary colours, with a geometric slant. Strong lines, with experimental paint techniques. A friend of mine has got this trend perfectly with her newly decorated living room with wood flooring. She’s used statement bright yellow, cream, and grey colours to paint her living room. Using masking tape to get those bold geometric lines and shapes perfectly on the walls.

Here Are The Autumn Winter Home Decor Trends 2020/21

You may hear of the term Grandmillennial mentioned by designers this year. It’s a cross between traditional and contemporary designs.

Other trends that will be popular include, cozy country, rich, luxurious, and bejewelled. This glamorous, vintage home interior style that you can expect to see a lot of this upcoming autumn and winter can be effortlessly incorporated into your home in the form of a vintage drinks trolley, the perfect hosting accessory for the upcoming season.

One point to mention is that real plants are now a huge trend for 2021. Out are the artificial dust catcher plants and in are living walls and Swiss cheese plants. During the lockdown, creating your plant areas for your home became very popular.

Colour Trends Autumn Winter 2021

We mustn’t forget the colour palette for this forthcoming season. A few scatter cushions and home accessories in these colours will uplift your room.

  • Lavender hues
  • Soft clay colours – Earthy shades, and pale pinks
  • Natural green shades
  • Soft reds and terracotta burnt oranges

The grey-on-grey Mrs Hinch style of the late 2010s is on its way out. It’s run its course and is making way for a warmer palette of colours.

Fact – Navy Blue is the colour of 2021. It’s a timeless colour that looks good on any feature wall.

Do you have any plans to give your home an Autumn/Winter makeover?

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