Why is Croatia the hottest tourist destinate in Europe?

Forget Greece and Ibiza, Croatia is the hottest tourist destinate to be this summer. From national parks to party beaches, Croatia truly does have it all. Book a festival, go island hopping or treat yourself to a luxury cruise around the Dalmatian Islands.

Why is Croatia the hottest tourist destinate in Europe?
Why is Croatia the hottest tourist destinate in Europe?

There are countless reasons to visit Europe’s most popular destination, but here are just a few. 


While the UK only has muddy festivals every other weekend in the summertime, there is always an event to go to in Croatia. With beach and pool parties, Croatia is the new Ibiza. Check out one of the most famous events in Croatia at the Carpe Diem club. This club is so exclusive, it’s even on a private island. Water taxis run all night long so you never have to worry about being out too late.

Have you heard of Hideout Festival? Well, it’s hosted on Zcre beach in the North of Croatia. Sun, cocktails and amazing music  – sounds delightful, doesn’t it?

Historic cities and national parks

If partying isn’t really your scene, there are plenty of tourist sites to see. Croatia has Roman ruins, ancient columns, temples, amphitheatres and much more. Dubrovnik is the place to stay if you’re a history buff. 

Croatia is known for its beautiful views. It’s home to eight national parks filled with lakes, waterfalls, and mountains. 

Island cruises 

Do you fancy sailing around the Dalmatian islands? Check out Jules Verne’s coastal cruises for optional shore trips and on-board activities. 

You can watch the crystal blue waters go by from your bedroom window. How idyllic!

Games of Thrones

Any Game of Thrones fan knows that most of Essos was filmed in Croatia. Dubrovnik is home to Kings Landing and Meereen was shot in Split. You can go on a tour of the filming locations, dress up as your favourite character and get a fantastical Instagram in the home of Khaleesi herself.


In Croatia, it is sunny and hot all day long. Besides, it’s only a two and half hour plane ride away. You are guaranteed to get a tan at this holiday destination. 

Relax next to the crystal blue water with a cocktail in hand!

Dubrovnik - Croatia
Dubrovnik – Croatia

It’s so cheap 

With Game of Thrones and the historic landmarks, some might assume that Croatia is more expensive than other holiday destinations. Fortunately, Croatia is very cheap. Food, wine, and most activities are cheaper than other summer destinations.

However, keep an eye on the prices for boat trips and events as the prices keep creeping up. 

Head to Croatia now before the prices soar and everyone wants to go!

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  1. I went here many many years a go when it was the former Yugoslavia, we had a wonderful time we used to take the kids and they to loved it, went for a few years, it was cheap then like Turkey was, beautiful country

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