Using a Zip and Link Bed to Change a Guest Room To Suit Your Needs

I love to be super organised, and I know Christmas is still months away, but with family coming to ours, we need to think about space. Having a guest bedroom that can be quick and easy to change around is very useful. Now until I discovered a Zip and Link bed it was a matter of the blow up mattress out and the spare duvet for the floor for the child, and the bed for the adult.

What are the Main Benefits of a Zip and Link Bed? Hotel room tips and tricks, guest bedroom ideas, how to change a guest bedroom around

If the idea of the Zip and Link bed has you intrigued, read on to find out more.

What is a Zip and Link bed?

A Zip and Link bed is two single beds that can be zipped and linked together to form a double bed. To suit your needs. They are incredibly useful in hotels and guest houses for this purpose as they are easily fitted together and split apart to make up different sleeping arrangements to fit your guests needs.

The base of a zip and link bed is joined at both the head and the foot by linking bars. The mattresses are joined together using zips.

zip and link bed

Image from Divan Centre

How would a Zip and Link bed benefit your guest room?

A Zip and Link bed is extremely comfortable and luxurious in design. So not only is would it look great in your guest bedroom, it also allows for the varying needs of families when you have people over to stay. You can have the combination of a double bed or two singles.

Advantages of a Zip and Link bed

What if your partner is a snorer and you a light sleeper? Well the Zip and Link beds are separate beds combined, and they offer independent spring support. So by using one of these beds you still have the benefit of lying beside your partner, but you can enjoy peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. This can also be useful for a new mum like myself. I’m up 3 or 4 times a night with the baby disturbing my husband who has to sleep to go to work the next day. So having a bed that is together but having the independent support means less disturbed sleep for him.

Another advantage is if you have a small apartment or a narrow staircase and find it tricky or unable to get a double bed through, the Zip and Link bed is ideal for this situation.

Guest rooms in hotels, B&B’s and guest houses use the Zip and Link beds all the time. They are extremely advantageous in room set up for them. It means they can accommodate all family situations much easier.


Would you ever consider a Zip and Link bed?

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