7 Luxury Baths For Your Next Refit

As you know from my previous posts that I’m helping my mum with her cottage renovations and the bathroom is currently being refurbished. Searching for luxury baths to suit her needs was quite a job as there are many different designs on the market. However if you have a browse online you are sure to find what you require, like the ones below.

Do you dream of planning a bathroom renovation and looking for some extra luxury? Maybe you just need some extra me-time or pampering in your life.  In fact as the evenings draw in I’m sure you will need some cosy me time in your luxurious bathroom.

7 Luxury Baths For Your Next Refit

Photo by Mutzii on Unsplash

If your answer to that above is – no time, got kids – then please read on.  You definitely deserve some me time. 

We have compiled a list of our favourite seven luxury baths for your next refit that will turn your bathroom into an oasis of calm, peace and tranquility.

Shop the look here & decide how you want to soak in style, all of these gorgeous tubs are available from Nordic who have been providing domestic spas since 1965.

ULTRA MODERN: Wellpool Soft

Nice and deep at 50 cm and available in a whirlpool model, the Wellpool Soft features sloped, contoured sides for maximum comfort and beautiful chrome accessories. The Wellpool line is ultra-modern and is designed for pure relaxation by Smool Designstudio’s Robert Bronwasser.

LUXE:   Lugano 340

From the Premium Line, the Lugano 340 is the ultimate luxury circular tub. It features a step-down interior with an impressive 45 cm depth and a generous 177 cm circumference. The Lugano offers plenty of lounging space in a small footprint. The chrome taps and plug are included with the Lugano, which is made of polyester reinforced acrylic.

Luxury Baths for a modern bathroom

Photo by Nordic

VINTAGE:   Victoria 325

Also in the Premium Line, the Victoria 325 is available in an elegant, traditional oblong shape. Like the Lugano, the Victoria includes beautiful chrome taps and plugs and has a durable acrylic composition reinforced with polyester. Relax and soak your worries away in the generous 50 cm depth of the Victoria with built in whirlpool jets.

NATURAL POOL:   Duo Pareva

From the most luxurious line of whirlpool bathtubs on the market, the Duo Pareva features a mirror-end design with contoured walls to support you as you lounge. The generous 60 cm depth ensures a full-body soak and the powerful whirlpool jets will massage the kinks away. Made of durable white acrylic, the Duo is also available in other contour styles to give you the perfect shape and fit.

ME TIME:   Solo Monola

For those of you who do not want to share, and you know who you are, the Solo Monola model is the perfect whirlpool bath for a private soak. The Solo model is available in traditional oblong (Solero), backrest oblong (Iseda) or the best-selling Monola design. Designed with a slight taper, the Monola is great for smaller rooms, as it still allows a full body soak thanks to its deep, contoured shape. A true standout in luxury bathtubs, the Monola is made of the same durable materials that last for decades.

HOME SPA:   Almonte

Back to the Premium line, the Almonte is the ultimate girly-girl soaking tub. With a generous 48 cm depth but a small footprint, almost any bathroom can accommodate the Almonte. With a step-down heart shaped interior and platform, the Almonte is almost like being at the spa for a day. Imagine yourself with a glass of wine, soft lighting and your favourite music, letting your cares burst away with the bubbles.

7 Luxury Baths For Your Next Refit

Photo by Nordic

REGAL:    Royal Loungepool

Back to the Luxus line, for the most comfortable, most advanced bathtub you will ever see, the Royal Loungepool exceeds all expectations in luxury bathtubs. A fully contoured base supports your back, knees and neck perfectly no matter your height. The angled design ensures that anyone can include the Royal Loungepool in the bathroom upgrade plans. Durable acrylic construction, reinforced with polyester, ensures that your Loungepool will keep you in the lap of luxury for years to come.


Have you got some bathspiration from this? We hope so!

Let me know which tub would fit in your bathroom in the comments below.

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