5 Smart Devices to Upgrade Your Bathroom

In recent years, smart home devices have become increasingly popular due to the convenience, enhanced safety, and efficiency they offer. According to previous research, there are now 15 million smart homes in Britain, and by 2023, the global smart home market is predicted to be worth £120 billion.

Smart home devices, which connect via a network, are commonly associated with living rooms. However, during Smart Home Week 2019, a study revealed that the most desired device was a self-cleaning toilet – showing smart bathrooms are on the rise.

5 Smart Devices to Upgrade Your Bathroom

Incorporating smart technology into your bathroom can improve hygiene, save water, and transform the space into a relaxing haven. To experience these benefits, here are five smart devices to upgrade your bathroom worth investing in.

Smart toilet

Although they were made popular during the 1980s in Japan, smart toilets are only now just working their way into British bathrooms.

The sensory system incorporated into this gadget triggers a water jet function to clean the user and automatically flushes the toilet. These features make toilet paper redundant and limits the physical contact needed to improve on hygiene. Smart toilets are also self-cleaning, so you never have to undergo the dreaded household chore again.

As well as the practical advantages, smart toilets can provide many premium features such as:

  • heated seats
  • a speaker
  • a nightlight
  • a deodoriser

Washloo, the UK’s sole domestic luxury smart toilet and bidet toilet seat brand, provide attachable smart toilet seats for your existing toilet, so you don’t have to replace the entire fixture if preferred.

Underfloor heating

To avoid having to walk across cold hard flooring in the morning to clean your teeth, you can have underfloor heating installed. As well as keeping your feet toasty, this device evenly distributes heat around the room and is easily controlled through smart thermostats.

On top of this, when you have underfloor heating, you can remove some of the unsightly radiators that take up space and ruin the bathroom’s aesthetic.

Smart lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any room’s design, as it hugely affects the room’s ambience. Smart lighting involves replacing standard bulbs with smart bulbs which connect to an internet hub. You can schedule the lighting to turn on at certain times and manage it from your mobile phone or a control device.

This gadget allows you to conveniently turn all your lights off at night with a single swipe and you can check they’re all turned off when you aren’t home to avoid wasting electricity.

To replicate a spa’s atmosphere in your bathroom, invest in chromotherapy smart lighting, which emits colours to help provoke calming emotions.

Smart mirror

Mirrors that turn lights on and off using sensory systems to prevent it from steaming up are quite common, but now you can connect mirrors to your Wi-Fi for more advanced features. Smart mirrors can now display accurate weather reports, play music, and even act as a TV.

If you’re likely to stay too long in the bath or shower accidentally, you can also now use your mirror to set timers and display the time. 

Smart taps

Complete your modern bathroom by getting smart taps fitted. These devices are equipped with a digital display so you can accurately control the water pressure to save water, and the temperature to stop children from accidentally scalding their hands with hot water.

Smart taps are built with sensory systems to limit physical contact, to improve on hygiene and minimise wear-and-tear. The sleek design of intelligent taps will also enhance the bathroom’s elegant aesthetic.

These smart devices will upgrade your bathroom by improving on function, appearance, and comfort, to create the ultimate luxurious experience.

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