5 Ways To Help an Elderly Relative

It can be difficult to see our relatives age and become reliant on the help of others. While some older people are completely self-sufficient, health and mobility problems can mean that others need a little more assistance. It’s important for everyone to help the older population. We all have a role in making life easier for them. So, how can you help an elderly relative?

5 Ways To Help an Elderly Relative

GP appointments

Older people are more likely to become unwell because their immune systems have to work harder. They’re also more likely to get serious injuries from a fall. A fall could easily mean a broken bone, head injury or, at worse, at brain bleed (how long can you live with a brain bleed? Find out more through the link). So, help your elderly relatives by keeping an eye out for any health concerns, ailments or injuries, and taking them to the GP as soon as possible. It’s better to catch problems early. It is also important to take them for regular dental appointments. This can go a long way to ensure that they have good oral care. As they are getting old, their teeth may start falling out, and it is imperative to head over to Niles for required dental care or one near you for convenience.


Older people have additional needs at home. They might struggle with stairs or need assistance with cooking and cleaning. In this case, you might consider a care home. It can be difficult to know whether to put your elderly relative in a care home but, for some, it’s the best option. Do your research and make sure you choose the right one. Alternatively, you might consider moving your elderly relative into your home; in which case you might need to make adjustments. Making sure your relative is comfortable at home is key in helping. 


Our elderly relatives have seen hundreds of alarming changes in their lifetime. Technology is one of them. While we’re able to understand the ever-changing iPhone, many elderly people find this a struggle. It’s totally understandable. So, help your elderly relatives by showing them how to use phones, laptop and the internet (if they want to). This will keep them more connected and reduce the feeling of loneliness. 


Many older people have mobility problems due to bone weakness and use walking sticks, zimmer-frames or wheelchairs. However, many fear leaving the house in case they have an accident, especially when the conditions are cold and icy. They might not be able to drive anymore due to poor eyesight. So, help your elderly relative by offering to drive them to shops or a friend’s house. Accompany them on a daily walk or push their wheelchair. Helping them to get out and about is a big part of feeling integrated in society and eliminating loneliness.  


Everyone needs company. We all like to chat every now and then and see a friendly face. Popping by for a cup of tea makes sure that your elderly relatives know they are not alone. 

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