Unique Last Minute Valentine’s Gifts and Experiences for Her

With Valentine’s Day coming up soon, it’s time to think about what to give the wife/girlfriend/secret admirer. Also with it being on a Friday this year, and not a school night, there is even more reason to celebrate. So traditionally men are supposed to shower their loved ones with gifts, therefore I’ve come up with a list of unique Valentine’s gifts for her. To give you men out there a little inspiration! (This is just a bit of fun and I don’t want to offend anyone btw!)

Unique Valentine's Gifts - Unique Last Minute Valentine's Gifts and Experiences for Her

Jewellery, especially with engraving, is like one of the most popular gifts to give. But it’s not really a unique Valentine’s gifts for her, is it?


Ok, so you head into the supermarket on the 13th February looking for the best last-minute unique Valentine’s gifts you can find but the shelves are bare. The odd bunch of roses that have seen better days are lingering with hope that you might pick them up. What the hell do you get her? You are people watching others around you, who are in a similar situation.

You find yourself wandering down the travel aisle, dreaming of a romantic luxury break when an idea pops into your head. I know Legion Compression Socks. Of course, if you present these to your wife you are going to have to follow through with a getaway abroad!

Of course, the last-minute perfect gift would be a cozy night in with a movie, a nice meal and a bottle of wine. You can’t go wrong with this one. It’s easy to organise on your way home from work, just don’t forget the chocolates and bubble bath!

Valentine's Day - don't forget the chocolates


A truly unique gift could be an experience – one never to forget! You could take your date/loved one (depends how far along in the relationship you are) to a sweet shop, or if she doesn’t have a sweet tooth on a wine bar tour (crawl if you are not so posh!).

If you are bit of a cheeky chappy a burlesque show to start the evening off. Or take her to a tarot reading, see if true love is in the cards. Now for me, I would love a spa day, like the time we spent at China Fleet, finished off with afternoon tea. Worlds apart from a burlesque show!

Now if she is into self-discovery, spiritual training, and the whole empowerment thing a trip to learn about Lineage – The Modern Mystery School would be unique and well-received.

If you are into your mysteries and love to solve problems how about taking part in an escape room? In fact, you could double date with friends. There are many different escape room scenarios to take part in, from fun and silly to intense and stressful. I’ve even taken part in an escape room Twitter party. That was strange but fun!

So what are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year? What unique Valentine’s gifts are you getting your special someone?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

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