Sentimental, Personal Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Do you want to give a gift that’s a bit more special this year? If grabbing a generic item off the shelves isn’t really a fit for the person you’re gifting to then why not take a more personal approach. Here are some fun ideas that won’t break the bank. 

Sentimental, Personal Gift Ideas That Won't Break The Bank
Sentimental, Personal Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

A framed photo

If you want to keep it simple with an inexpensive yet heartfelt gift, you can’t go wrong with a framed photo. Perfect to give on its own, or as part of a hamper or larger gift if you have more to spend. Ideally you’ll choose a picture that the recipient hasn’t seen, if you go on a day out together before Christmas snap a few family shots together and use one of those. This makes a good gift for a parents or grandparents especially since they tend to have less interest in material things and will prefer something heartfelt and sentimental. You could look at simple white frames, or go with something a bit more jazzy depending on their style. You could even make your own frame from wood if you’re handy with DIY and want to make it even more personal. 

A photobook or scrapbook

If one framed photo isn’t quite enough, why not go down the photo book or scrapbook route? Here you can compile a whole collection of your best memories with the person, even including things like tickets from places you’ve been together, momentos and funny anecdotes printed under the pictures or between pages. Lots of printing companies have photobook options that allow you to easily put together something beautiful. If you’re crafty you could make a scrapbook and stick photos in using beautiful tape, include pretty clip art pictures and all sorts of extra things to make it even more personal. 

A personalised item

You can get just about any item personalised these days and it just makes it a bit more special. From flasks to water bottles, notebooks, stationery, dressing gowns and more, they’re fun gifts to receive and show that the person has really made an effort. If you have a smaller budget, go with a lower value personalised item which can be used as a token gift or stocking filler. If your budget is bigger, things like personalised or engraved jewellery make a fantastic sentimental gift. 

An experience

Experience gifts can be really personal as you can tailor them to the person you’re gifting to’s likes and interests. It’s something you could do together too, and what could be more personal and sentimental than time spent together? Find a company that offers these kinds of gifts and spend time searching through based on their hobbies and interests- these can be found at all price points. 

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One thought on “Sentimental, Personal Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

  1. What lovely ideas.
    My great Aunt says she doesn’t want anything for Christmas, she has everything she needs so I have got her a framed photo of my girls. It cost hardly anything. All I paid for was the frame x

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